Plastic shoe sales soar during rainy season in HCM City

Saturday, Oct 05, 2019 08:22

Plastic shoes have become trendy in HCM City this rainy season. — Photo

Shoe stores in HCM City’s District 3 have been attracting dozens of customers shopping for plastic shoes.

The rainy season and flooding caused by high tides have caused inconveniences for local residents in recent weeks.

According to a shoe shop owner in District 3, many people have been visiting his store, especially during weekends. Thousands of plastic shoes are on display, many of which even covering the store’s walls.

Depending on the design, a pair of waterproof shoes can cost from VND200,000 to 500,000. Many are offered at a discount price at 50 per cent per pair, he added.

Nguyen Thi Thu, a resident in Binh Thanh District, said that she and her husband had bought two pairs of flip-flops. As Thu’s family lives in a small, flood-prone alley, it is essential for her to purchase these items.

A similar circumstance can be seen at another shoe store on Hai Ba Trung Street in District 1 where some customers bought plastic shoes that cost over VND1 million.

Nguyen Dinh Hung, a resident in District 7, toldTuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper that these expensive plastic shoes were easy to walk in and odourless.

In addition to the two stores, many shoe shops in HCM City are selling plastic shoes ranging from VND50,000 – 200,000 per pair.

Price variety

According to Tran Yen Vi, a shoe shop owner on Ly Chinh Thang Street in District 3, lightweight plastic shoes have been bestsellers in recent years.

Plastic shoes with back straps are particularly “in”, she said, adding that students tend to purchase these items.

Vi’s store offers about 100 types of plastic shoes. Their price depends on the thickness of the sole and the level of sophistication of the design, among other factors.

“Plastic shoes with stickers attached on them are popular this year,” Vi said, adding that each sticker can range from VND5,000 to 30,000 each.

Similarly, Hoang Anh Xuan from a shoe shop in District 1 said the number of shoe sales rise during the rainy season. About 10 other shops in the chain have gained a significant amount of revenue these days, she added.

Xuan said the chain had introduced about 50 designs of waterproof shoes this year, some of which sold out after a month of display. The rainy weather as well as beautiful designs and materials have all increased sales.

These shoes are pricey, ranging from VND795,000 to VND1.3 million per pair for children, and between VND695,000 and VND1.7 million per pair for adults. — VNS

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