Online businesses bustle as Tet coming

Saturday, Feb 02, 2019 12:05

Vietnamese e-commerce floors have been bustle with many items serving buyers and sellers as the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday is coming.— Photo

Vietnamese e-commerce floors have been bustle with many items serving buyers and sellers as the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday is coming.

Now, the Tet holiday was no longer encapsulated in a certain traditional market or a certain locality but became a borderless market.

Not only buying and selling, consumers also have the opportunities to receive promotional gifts from online businesses.

Shopping for Tet has never been as simple as today.

On the online stores, all the items needed for the Lunar New Year are available from fresh food, jam to fashion, home decoration items and consumer electronics.

Not having to wait for the payment at the supermarkets, commercial centers, consumers now just need to click the mouse, selecting items and goods will be shipped only in a few hours or days.

Just need a computer, tablet or smartphone, consumers just have to sit at the office, a coffee shop or at home to buy dozens of items for a warm Tet.

“Instead of having to make a list of items to buy and run to many markets and supermarkets to search, I just surf the online New Year market to buy hundreds of types of items for Tet. The prices of online items are even cheaper in online markets compared to in physical markets,” Chu Thi Hanh, told Viet Nam News.

“Shopping online helps me to save time, even more, I can get many promotions when buying things online in this occasion,” she added.

On the e-commerce site, Sendo has recreated the lively traditional Tet market with a red interface, a colour usually used for Vietnamese Tet holiday.

Another Vingroup e-commerce site, Adayroi, has also launched many ways to please visitors when providing hundreds of items of all kinds from food and necessities for Tet, home appliances, electronics even cars and smartphones.

Not only e-commerce site but social networks like Zalo, Facebook are also diverse markets, bringing income for business household.

“I also buy a lot of things on Facebook. It is also another convenient way to buy things. I have bought many imported products from this social site,” Hanh added.

A statistic showed that Viet Nam has about one million online sellers with a variety of goods, from items with small value such as pairs of stocks, scarves to items with high value such as construction material or electronic appliances.

Booming of the digital economy has created opportunities for many online individual.

A survey of Sapo, a shopping management software, revealed that 73 per cent of shops said e-commerce is an effective trading channel.

The survey carried out in 5,000 stores in Viet Nam last year.

The Dau tu (Investment) Newspaper quoted Alban Villani, an expert in e-commerce in Southeast Asia, said that the growth rate of e-commerce in Viet Nam developed strongly, placing second place in Southeast Asia, following Indonesia.

Food is items consumed most with growth rate of 86 per cent, followed by the fashion with 51 per cent, said Villani. — VNS

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