Mooncakes sell out as companies use multiple sales channels

Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023 10:30

Diversifying sales and marketing channels has helped mooncake producers sell out products before the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives next weekend. — Photo courtesy of KIDO Group

Diversifying sales and marketing channels has helped mooncake producers sell out products before the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives on Friday.

In the past, when e-commerce and social media were not strongly developed, mooncakes were sold through traditional channels such as supermarkets and local traditional markets. People could also buy them at booths companies set up on roads.

With the strong development of e-commerce platforms and social media, these have become the main channels helping mooncake makers reach their sales targets, often resulting in selling out products even before the Mid-Autumn Festival begins.

Instead of visiting mobile booths selling mooncakes in person, customers can now conveniently browse and purchase them online using their phones.

A plethora of advertisements and reviews about mooncakes are available on platforms like Facebook and TikTok, providing customers with information about various types of mooncakes in the market, from traditional to modern styles.

The recent data has proved that diversified sales and marketing channels have significantly boosted mooncake sales.

While sellers at booths reported unsatisfactory sales, some mooncake producers reported selling out many varieties.

Late last week, giant food producer KIDO Group announced a significant increase in its KIDO’s Bakery mooncake production this year compared to last year.

Speaking to Việt Nam News, it said many varieties of mooncakes have already been sold out.

Trần Lệ Nguyên, deputy chairman and CEO of KIDO Group, said KIDO's Bakery brand promotion activities are widespread across social media platforms, and it has garnered nearly 15 million views on TikTok.

In addition, almost 30 key opinion customers and influencers reviewed products and participated in live streams on TikTok and Facebook.

These attracted millions and millions of views.

The company’s hashtag, KIDO's Bakery, amassed 21 million views on TikTok.

The KIDO's Bakery brand has appeared in nearly 160 newspapers, television channels and popular fan pages since the beginning of the season.

E-commerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada and Tiki also facilitated marketing and distribution of the products.

KIDO’s Bakery mooncake production this year surged by 60 per cent and have been 10 per cent higher than the target, Nguyên said.

The company also strongly focuses on selling to corporate customers.

Nguyên said his company received over 650 orders from corporate partners throughout the country with large numbers of workers.

Another 2,900 orders were from State-owned and foreign companies, he said.

In addition to B2B business and retail booths, KIDO also introduced and sold its products at many small shops in small towns nation-wide.

The company said it has observed a shift in shopping behavior. Instead of buying mooncakes to gift partners, friends or relatives, many customers are buying this year to enjoy with their families.

This change has been advantageous since it has a retail distribution system covering the entire country, allowing it to meet this demand, it said.

Many mooncake brands have announced they have run out of stock. — VNS

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