Inspections help improve efficiency of auditing activities

Thursday, Nov 12, 2020 10:15

Auditors inspect a construction project in Can Tho City.— Photo

The State Audit Office of Viet Nam (SAV) has been making efforts to complete its functions and tasks, ensuring the effectiveness of the State’s supervision of the management and use of public finances and assets. This has contributed to ensuring thrift, combatting corruption, waste and loss, detecting and preventing violations of law, as well as improving the efficient use of national resources.

The inspection work of the SAV has recorded many remarkable achievements, with their results helping units under the SAV and their leaders to recognise limitations and contribute to improving the quality and efficiency of auditing and management.

These results have led to recommendations related to policies for civil servants, officials and public employees, along with auditing development and quality reviews to guide leaders how to improve management capacity and the quality of auditing reports. This has contributed to improving the SAV’s quality and efficiency.

Meanwhile, these results have also highlighted shortcomings in auditing activities, while reviewing content and supervising the performance of auditors.

In particular, these inspections have also helped units to propose relevant agencies to issue, replace, or amend mechanisms, policies or other inappropriate documents and regulations in accordance with Viet Nam’s practical situation.

Despite these results, inspections have still shown several limitations such as the modest number of teams that are eligible to conduct annual inspections, limited co-operation between inspected units and auditors due to insufficient dissemination and explanation of inspection laws, and a shortage of experienced auditors.

In order to implement the SAV Development Strategy and Audit Plan and meet the increasing requirements of the industry, inspectors should continue to closely follow the direction of the State Auditor General, strengthen inspection work in both quantity and quality of inspection teams, and promote the dissemination and explanation of the inspection law to inspected units so they understand and cooperate more effectively. — VNS

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