Hanwha Life: protecting the environment and improving people's lives

Tuesday, Jul 02, 2019 15:00

With its intensive investment in and long-term commitment to Viet Nam, Hanwha Life Vietnam has developed a sustainable business model that balances the goals of both business and contributing to society.

With "Clean up the Mekong River" campaign in the province of Vinh Long, Hanwha Life Vietnam wants to protect the local environment and improve the quality of life of the Vietnamese people

Improving environment and quality of people’s lives

The first Korean insurance company to come to Viet Nam, during its 10-year journey of development, Hanwha Life has always insisted on strategies for sustainable development. Together with business development strategies, Hanwha Life also constantly strives to address the country’s priority issues, of which safeguarding the environment and improving people's lives are also its two main CSR goals.

It recently launched a campaign called "Clean up the Mekong River" in the province of Vinh Long.

One of two solar-powered boats is cleaning up Mekong River

The river is important to the lives of people not only in the Mekong Delta but also Vietnam in general.

As part of the campaign, Hanwha donated two solar-powered boats to Vinh Long for cleaning the Mekong.

Powered and propelled by the Hanwha Q CELLS’ Q.PEAK solar modules, the boats will be used to scoop up waste in the river while not emitting any greenhouse gases or other pollutants.

The campaign has been acclaimed by provincial authorities, the Government and the public since environmental pollution is an alarming issue in Vietnam.

Let us see how the Hanwha vessels, the first solar-powered boats to scoop up waste in the Mekong, operate in the link below:

“Clean up the Mekong River is a truly meaningful project to protect the local environment and improve the quality of life of the Vietnamese people,” Back Jong Kook, CEO cum Chairman of Member Council of Hanwha Life Vietnam, said.

“This activity once again underlines the fact that the Hanwha Group and Hanwha Life Vietnam always want to contribute to Vietnam as a member of the local community.”

CEO cum Chairman of Member Council of Hanwha Life Vietnam is joining hands with volunteers to clean Mekong River

Hanwha Life has also consistently tried to improve the lives of people in Việt Nam by undertaking many meaningful projects.

Over the last ten years it has provided more than VND30 billion for numerous community projects across the country.

They include donating 50,313 health insurance cards and building more than 160 ‘houses of love’ for poor people around the country.

It has built four health centres and two schools, provided scholarships and bicycles to many children and organised benevolent events throughout Vietnam to aid poor children.

Recognising the firm’s contributions to the community, in 2017 Hanwha Life Vietnam was honored as one of the top 10 sustainable development businesses in Vietnam with the “Social Responsibility" award by the Korean consulate, the Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment, and the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2015.

Bringing life insurance to all Vietnamese

With its goal of bringing a better life to local people, Hanwha Life has been choosing remote provinces as its priority market ever since it came to the country.

In the 10 years since, through its network of 130 customer service centres and 40,000 financial consultants, millions of people in remote areas have had the opportunity to get life insurance and benefit from the products Hanwha Life offers.

Hanwha Life Vietnam has focused on training high-quality human resources

Together with growing its network to help people easily access life insurance, Hanwha Life is constantly strives to offer financial solutions to meet the increasing needs of people in Vietnam.

Its latest solutions include specialised insurance products for protection against cancer.

In the past the oldest insurance company in Korea has tailored many comprehensive insurance solutions for customers such as An khang Phúc lộc; An khang Tài lộc, the Financial Plan that Helps Ensure the Future of Yourself and Your Family; An Khang Toàn Gia, the Best Solution for Studying, Retirement or Protecting Your Family's Health; and An tâm Học vấn products to save money for education or start a business for your children.

With a sustainable development strategy at the end of last year Hanwha Life Vietnam increased its capital for a second time to US$233 million and became one of the most financially powerful life insurance companies in the market.

In the last 10 years the company has also focused on training high-quality human resources to serve both its needs as well as contribute to improving the quality of human resources in the Vietnamese insurance industry.

Hanwha Life Vietnam has so far contributed VND63 billion in tax to the Government’s coffers.

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