EuroCham proposes all EU members be in Việt Nam's visa exemption list

Tuesday, Jul 18, 2023 08:04

EuroCham proposes the expansion of Việt Nam's visitor visa exemption list to encompass all 27 EU member countries. — Photo

EuroCham Việt Nam has submitted a letter to Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính, proposing the expansion of Việt Nam's visitor visa exemption list to encompass all 27 EU member countries.

With the aim of promoting trade and investment opportunities, EuroCham Việt Nam has underlined the vital importance of expanding the visitor visa exemption list to encompass all 27 EU member countries.

Presently, the visitor visa exemption list includes only seven EU member countries, namely Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

This proposal, also addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, and Ministry of Public Security, highlights the considerable potential for a positive impact on the Vietnamese economy resulting from an expanded visitor visa exemption list.

It anticipates a significant increase in European travellers and a surge in business activities as a direct result. EuroCham Việt Nam envisions that this will play a pivotal role in stimulating the economy, expanding trade opportunities, and increasing foreign direct investment inflows.

"This expansion will bring in a large number of travellers from the EU market, which has a population of over 500 million people. By removing barriers for high-income international travellers to visit Việt Nam, we will undoubtedly unlock amazing opportunities for the country's economy after a difficult few years," said Gabor Fluit, Chairman of EuroCham Việt Nam.

"It's not only about the sheer number of visitors but also the extended duration of their stay and their substantial purchasing power where European travellers truly stand out. European travellers tend to stay much longer, often for two weeks or more. This extended period allows them more of an opportunity to contribute to the economy, and perhaps even explore business prospects along the way. It's all about creating room for travellers to create more value during their visit,” he added.

This initiative has garnered substantial support from Team Europe, with the appeal being co-signed by 18 ambassadors of European Union members to Việt Nam, as well as the chairs of national European business associations here.

Recognising the recent efforts undertaken by the Vietnamese Government to streamline its visa system, EuroCham Việt Nam, the leading voice of the European business community in Việt Nam, appreciates the extension of e-visa validity to a 90-day period, enabling multiple entries and exits starting from August 15.

Furthermore, EuroCham Việt Nam commends the Vietnamese authorities for extending the temporary residence period for citizens from countries exempted from visas by Việt Nam to 45 days.

Chairman Gabor Fluit emphasised: "Visa exemption improvements, along with the Michelin list introduction and the recognition of the Việt Nam North-South railway as the most incredible train journey by Lonely Planet, can truly be the answer to increasing the tourism contribution to Việt Nam's GDP."

"The combination of these initiatives, coupled with the growing global recognition and interest in Việt Nam, holds immense potential for driving economic growth and positioning Việt Nam as a leading destination in the global tourism landscape.”

The latest Google Destination Insight report further validates the potential of Việt Nam as a sought-after travel destination. Ranking among the top seven most searched travel destinations, Việt Nam stands out as a preferred choice for global travellers. Notably, it was the only country from Southeast Asia to secure a position within the top 20.

This surge in interest underscores the growing appeal and popularity of Việt Nam as an international tourist destination.

Moreover, Việt Nam proudly retains its position among the top five investment destinations for more than one-third of businesses surveyed, further underscoring its steadfast attractiveness and reputation as a compelling investment opportunity, according to the latest report on Business Confidence Index (BCI) published by EuroCham and conducted by Decision Lab. — VNS

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