Construction industry issues action plan to reduce emissions

Wednesday, Aug 05, 2020 08:45

The Ministry of Construction announces a national action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and implement the Paris Agreement. — Photo for illustration. VNA/VNS Photo Viet Hung

The Ministry of Construction has announced a national action plan on green growth in 2020-2030 focusing on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and implementing the Paris Agreement.

According to deputy minister Nguyen Tuong Van, the goal of the plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in construction materials production and develop construction works, urban areas and technical infrastructure for new urban areas that suit the Government's commitment for achieving green growth.

The plan also aims to complete institutions and policies to support and encourage businesses to improve technology, enhance production management and construction capacity to reduce emissions and improve the management capacity of the Ministry of Construction on reducing GHG emissions.

To accomplish the targets, the ministry has set out four main tasks, including mitigating GHG emissions, adapting to climate change, preparing resources and establishing a transparent and public system of measurement, reporting and evaluation.

The ministry will conduct a periodic inventory of greenhouse gas for 2018 and 2020 to produce construction materials, solid waste, construction works and urban areas.

It will also study and propose a collaborative mechanism for GHG emission reduction for construction industry activities and develop mitigation actions in line with national conditions for the production of building materials and construction works, especially cement.

To adapt to climate change, the ministry will complete technical standards for infrastructure, public and civil works; combat flooding for coastal cities, build urban infrastructure that can cope with potential impacts of climate change and sea-level rises; upgrade and build new water supply and drainage facilities in big cities.

On resource preparation, the ministry will propose mechanisms and policies to encourage research and pilot application of potential technologies to cope with climate change and suit Viet Nam's conditions.

The Ministry of Construction will focus on building a technology transfer monitoring system and strengthening the construction industry's capacity, strengthening international negotiations to develop guidelines for the implementation of the Paris Agreement and mobilising international resources to support the construction sector's climate change response.

In addition, to ensure production requirements, the ministry has appointed the Institute of Building Materials and the International Certification Joint Stock Company to conduct testing and certifying the quality of products and construction materials such as cement, additives for cement and concrete. — VNS

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