Bayer launches new product for pregnancy, child well-being

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2022 18:10

Artists Van Anh and Tu Vi - brand ambassadors of Elevit Vietnam, shared their experiences about the amazing pregnancy journey.

Bayer Vietnam has launched its latest prenatal multivitamin made in France for women who are planning for pregnancy, pregnant orbreastfeeding.

Elevit will help mothers meet their increased nutritional needs before, during and after pregnancy to provide their babies with the best start in life in their first 1,000 days and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

The product is a demonstration of Bayer’s commitment to raising awareness and improving women's reproductive health in Viet Nam.

Pregnancy: an amazing journey

The first 1,000 days between conception and the baby’s second birthday is a critical window forsetting the foundation for optimum lifelong health and development.

Nutrition, in particular, is extremely important for healthy fetal development. Insufficient micronutrient intake can increase the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and thereby significantly impact the future well-being of a child.

During pregnancy and lactation, micronutrient requirements increase by up to 185 per cent. However, many women have difficulty meeting their nutritional needs even before entering the critical1,000-day period.

Development begins even before most women discover they are pregnant, and that is why at least one month before conception can be considered an ideal time to start taking prenatal multivitamins for a healthy pregnancy.

Luigi Isabelo Dejos, head of the consumer health division at Bayer Vietnam, said: “As a leader in consumer health, Bayer’s mission is to use science to improve lives. Pregnancy is a special time in life. Despite all the precautionary measures taken during pregnancy, it is not always possible to obtain enough of every nutrient through diet alone.

“For parents-to-be, it is a rollercoaster of emotions featuring intense periods of hope and fear. But by listening to the advice and support of doctors and by trusting science, we can improve the chance of a healthy pregnancy.”

Understanding the importance of nutrition during this critical time, Bayer has released Elevit, a pre-conception and pregnancy multivitamin imported directly from France.

The launch was attended by notable names including Assoc Prof Dr Vu Thi Nhung, chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Obstetrics and Gynecology Association; Prof Dr Le Quang Thanh, director of Tu Du Hospital and vice chairman of the Vietnam Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics; MC OcThanh Van; and brand ambassadors Van Anh and Tu Vi.

The event also saw the participation of more than 1,000 pharmacists and doctors.

Elevit supports healthy pregnancy

Beginning before birth, the first 1,000 days of a person’s life are a period of remarkable brain, height, bone, and eye growth and development.

This period requires high vitamin and mineral requirements to respond to the fastest developments of their body.

Elevit has been carefully developed to help women who are trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding address their increased nutritional needs.

Assoc Prof Dr Nhung said: “Nutrition is the first factor that every future mother and father should think about when they plan to have a baby.

“Multiple micronutrient supplementation plays an important role for a healthy pregnancy.”

Besides physical well-being, Bayer also cares about the emotional well-being of mothers. This is demonstrated through an emotional music video performed by Thuy Chi portraying the sacredness of pregnancy, the birth of an angel and Elevit’s role inhelping mothers have a healthy pregnancy so they can care for their children with love.

The video stars celebrity couple Van Anh and Tu Vi, who are also Elevit brand ambassadors.

“Van Anh and Tu Vi are honoured to be Elevit brand ambassadors and accompany the brand on this journey of bettering the reproductive health of Vietnamese women,” Tu Vi said.

“During my pregnancy, I chose Elevit because I fully trust the brand. Being a mother is a sacred thing, and I feel extremely lucky to have had Elevit accompany me on this journey.”

With the launch of Elevit, Bayer continues to prove itwill never stop striving to improve awareness and Vietnamese women’s health, happiness and quality of life.

Dejos said: “Our goal at Bayer is to help Vietnamese women easily gain access to healthcare products, especially pregnancy products which are not readily available in the market.

“We know that to best support a baby’s development, it is important to have enough nutrients during pre-conception to prepare your body for when you are pregnant.

“A proper supplement will provide mothers with folic acid, iron and other essential minerals and vitamins to support their bodies during pregnancy.

“We believe that Elevit is a good choice that helpsmothers meet these nutritional needs.

“With the support of the HCM City Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, we aim to enhance the reproductive healthcare system and benefit Vietnamese women's health overall.”

This product is not a medicine and cannot be used in place of medical treatment.

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