Ba Vì District proactively cultivating local brand recognition for OCOP products

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023 12:13

Dairy products of Ba Vì District. Photos courtesy of the Hà Nội Agricultural Extension Centre

Situated in a mountainous region with substantial agricultural potential near Hà Nội City, Ba Vì District is leveraging science and technology for production. The district aims to boost consumer markets and elevate the status of OCOP (One Commune One Product) products from both local agricultural sources and the broader region.

About 60 km west of Hà Nội's centre, Ba Vì boasts a diverse terrain of mountains, rivers and the Red River Delta. These geographical features create favourable conditions for the district to excel in livestock farming and the production of safe, organic agricultural goods.

Capitalising on its strengths, Ba Vì has been steadfast in promoting agricultural development. Cultivating OCOP brands, the district has successfully participated in the "One Commune One Product" programme. This strategic initiative not only establishes a connection with consumers but also enhances the district's credibility. Presently, Ba Vì has introduced 138 products for OCOP evaluation and ranking, comprising 60 products of 4-star ranking and 78 products of 3-star ranking.

Outstanding OCOP products encompass a diverse range, including fresh milk, milk-derived products, hill chicken, vegetables, sweet potatoes, vermicelli, ostrich meat and items crafted from traditional medicine villages. This array comprises 38 subjects, featuring 18 cooperative entities, 12 small and medium enterprises, and 8 production households duly registered for business. Following recognition, these products undergo meticulous completion in terms of packaging, labels, stamps and regular quality inspections.

Simultaneously, active participation in trade promotion and product introduction initiatives organized by the city and district has proven instrumental in effectively enhancing people's income.

Recently, the Ba Vì District People's Committee hosted a conference to evaluate and classify OCOP Products in 2023.

Lê Hoàng Vinh, Director of Ba Vì Dairy Joint Stock Company, shared insights into the company's diverse product lines, currently encompassing 20 different types across 8 main categories. These include pasteurised fresh milk from Ba Vì cows and goats, Ba Vì pasteurised fresh milk, yogurt in various flavours, cow-goat yogurt in cup form, black sticky rice yogurt, bottled drinking yogurt, caramel, and assorted milk cakes. All products adhere to stringent food safety and hygiene standards, with the entire operational system aligned with ISO 9001-2005 standards.

Notably, Ba Vì Dairy Joint Stock Company boasts 11 products that Hà Nội City has evaluated, classified and recognised as 4-star OCOP products. These are widely consumed nationwide, particularly at popular tourist destinations. The company is actively engaged in supporting milk procurement from 200 households, aiding local farmers in the district to raise dairy cows and achieve a stable income.

Nguyễn Văn Trường, Chairman of the Ba Vì District Farmers' Association, said the association has recently conducted training sessions for farmer households focusing on safe agricultural production models. Simultaneously, they have established numerous professional groups and associations, creating interconnected chains and enhancing the Ba Vì brand for numerous products identified as local strengths. These products include Ba Vì hill chicken, Ba Vì tea, Ba Vì milk, Ba Vì honey and Ba Vì ostrich meat, among others.

Moreover, the Ba Vì District Farmers' Association actively supports residents in advertising, trade promotion, and consumption through both direct and online channels, aiming to expand the consumer market for local products.

Trương Đức Hoàng, the proprietor of the "Golden Cow" farm in Thụy An commune, Ba Vì district, shared his experience. He highlighted that the district Farmers' Association, in collaboration with the Ba Vì District Economic Department, has undertaken the registration process to develop brands for essential agricultural products on his farm. This initiative not only includes registration for participation in the OCOP (One Commune One Product) programme, but also involves promoting product awareness and consumption. The overarching goal is to establish a stable and sustainable market for Ba Vi's agricultural products.

Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Ba Vì district, Đỗ Quang Trung, has outlined the district's strategic focus for the near future, emphasising the development, introduction, and sale of One Commune, One Product (OCOP) items. Concurrently, the district aims to bolster trade promotion activities, showcasing and endorsing these products. A particular emphasis will be placed on supporting cooperatives in establishing strong brands, designing distinctive labels, and providing guidance on entering collaboration agreements with businesses to facilitate the integration of OCOP products into modern distribution channels.

Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Ba Vì district, Đỗ Quang Trung.

Ba Vì District is committed to creating a conducive environment for local businesses and production facilities to engage in exchanges and knowledge-sharing with other entities. This includes learning from successful economic models and incorporating high-tech applications. To further elevate the stature of OCOP products, the district calls upon its communes and towns to actively promote, encourage and guide residents to participate in the program. Concurrently, efforts will be intensified in organising training classes focused on identifying and cultivating OCOP products.

In promoting the brand image of OCOP products, Ba Vì District maintains its call for localities to disseminate information and increase awareness about the program.

Deputy Chief of the Standing Office of the Office for Coordinating the New Rural Construction Programme in Hà Nội City, Nguyễn Văn Chí, underscores the importance of ongoing promotional efforts to ensure widespread understanding of the OCOP programme's role, significance and objectives. This is expected to encourage active participation and broad promotion of OCOP products among the populace.

In line with its commitment to sustainable development, Ba Vì District continues to prioritise products utilising local raw materials. The district places a strong emphasis on cultivating chain links and fostering cooperation from initial processing through to the consumption of products. This holistic approach aims to enhance the overall value of OCOP products, contributing to the establishment of a green and sustainable agricultural sector in Ba Vì District. VNS

* This article is attributed by the Coordination Office of the New Rural Development Programme in Hà Nội.

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