Authorities and companies seek ways to improve mould-making industry

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018 08:36

The authorities of HCM City and the leaders of mould-making companies need to use more advanced technologies and education in its mould-making industry, especially computer and automation technologies, experts said. — Photo

Authorities in HCM City and leaders of mould-making companies needed to use more advanced technologies and training, experts said.

Le Hoai Quoc, the head of the management board of the Sai Gon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP), said since the Samsung factory opened in SHTP, the demand for mould-making had risen.

However, domestic mould-making production capacity was limited and could only supply a small portion of the moulds needed for the production of computers and other technologies.

Currently, the largest domestic mould-making companies include Duy Khanh, Lap Phuc, Duy Tan, Cat Thai and Minh Nguyen, and they were not able to meet market demand.

Chau Ba Long, the operations director of Minh Nguyen, said the company’s total revenue from supplying moulds to Samsung was about US$15 million, and accounted for only one per cent of the tech giant’s demand.

Small domestic firms in HCM City also lacked skilled workers due to more attractive foreign direct investment firms and workers moving overseas.

Long said the lack of skilled workers was due to the fact the country did not have any professional training in mould-making.

A lack of co-operation between mould producers was another cause of concern, expert said.

Fairs and exhibitions were needed to advertise domestic moulds and promote co-operation, which would help raise capacity and quality, he added.

Bui Huyen Ngoc, a representative of a mould-making company operating in HCM City, said the industry lacked highly skilled techniques and human resources, while equipment for mould production was costly.

Human resources played an important role in the development of mould production, which depended mainly on experience, knowledge and creativity.

To solve this problem, Lap Phuc Company has been working with universities and colleges to launch training courses for students to attract skilled graduates.

A final year mechanics student at HCM City’s Technical College Dương Quang Thien has been taking a training course at Lap Phuc Company.

“Thanks to the course, I have chances to practise my technical skills and gain more experience,” he said.

The enterprise and the school launched the project to equip students with practical skills that match business requirements.

Thien and 17 other students on the course hope that after graduation they will be offered a position at the company.

Lap Phuc is also working with Nguyen Tat Thanh University to train hundreds of mechanics students and is also holding factory visits for students.

According to a survey, more than 70 per cent of labourers working in industrial zones around the city were from other provinces and mostly unskilled. It was difficult to form a solid training plan because the number of labourers fluctuated, a representative of Lap Phuc said. – VNS

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