"2023 Most Influential Leaders Award"

Monday, Apr 22, 2024 14:10

Igniting Excellence, Empowering Growth

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 22 April 2024 - With the aim of honoring outstanding brand leaders across various industries, BUSINESS INNOVATOR, a multimedia platform for business information and marketing, successfully organized the "2023 Most Influential Leaders Award" dinner banquet ceremony on April 19, 2024 at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Mongkok. The awards ceremony invited a distinguished gathering of prominent political and business figures who graced the event as officiators and presenters, exchanging exceptional and innovative business solutions with representatives from nearly a hundred companies. This resulted in a lively and captivating atmosphere.

2023 Most Influential Leaders Award

With the theme of "Igniting Excellence, Empowering Growth" this year's BUSINESS INNOVATOR has carefully chosen 22 outstanding brand leaders to be honoured with the Influential Leaders Award, covering a wide range of industries, including professional services, information technology, healthcare, financial services, beauty retail services, and more. Despite their diverse fields, all the award-winning leaders unite to exchange operational strategies and innovative business solutions, fostering collective growth across the business community.

During her speech at the award ceremony, Ms. Ainslie Chan, Head of Marketing of BUSINESS INNOVATOR, stated, "In the contemporary business landscape, innovative brand power is the pivotal driving force behind an enterprise's success. Innovation fuels the growth engine of a company, while the brand embodies its core values and competitive advantages. Exceptional brands can distinguish themselves from their peers, winning customer acclaim and spearheading industry trends. Truly great brands, however, consistently reinvent themselves with innovative thinking, staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the ever-evolving market demands. It is these trailblazing brand leaders, armed with exceptional acumen and foresight, who steer their enterprises to ride the waves of change, propelling their brands and performances to soar. They become the vanguard, driving society's progress, co-creating a glorious path and scripting a new chapter of ascension for the future.".

To mark the occasion, prominent political and business figures were invited as the officiant and award presenters of the award ceremony, including Mr. LU Chin Yung, Senior Manager, StartmeupHK, Sector Specialists Group, Invest Hong Kong, Mr. Francis Fong, Founding and Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing and Ms. Jessica Wong, Executive Director, Joint PR Consultants Limited.

The award ceremony was a resounding success and was honoured to receive support from organizations across various sectors, including Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing, Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited, Joint PR Consultants Limited and Outsources (Production) Company Limited.

Winners of "2023 Most Influential Leaders Award" (in alphabetical order of companies)

A Medical Hong Kong Limited
The Best Professional Sleep Respiratory Disorder Solution of the Year
ABUS Hardware (Hong Kong) Limited
The Most Outstanding Hardware Brands Leader of the Year
Capstone 72
The Most Excellent Real Estate Investment Consultant Leader of the Year
Culture Linkage Limited
The Best Palace-Themed IP Brand of the Year
East Technologies Limited
The Most Innovative KOL, Digital Marketing and e-Commerce Solutions of the Year
The Most Innovative Floral Design of the Year
Ginkgo Veterinary Hospital
The Most Outstanding Professional Veterinary Clinic of the Year
GS Ladies Collection (Member of WILLIAM CHENG & SON)
The Most Outstanding High-end Custom Clothing Boutique of the Year
Helios Education
The Most Outstanding Professional Overseas Education Consultant of the Year
Hiu Cha Plus Tea|SOL Lifestyle Aesthetics
The Most Influential Lifestyle Aesthetics Brand Leader of the Year
Jadex Contracting Limited
The Most Outstanding Professional Engineering Expert of the Year
Mandala Medical Education Limited
The Most Outstanding Home Elderly Care Service Platform of the Year
Novartis Pharmaceuticals (HK) Limited
The Most Innovative Pharmaceuticals Company of the Year
One One Universe Trade Co.,Limited
The Most Trusted High-end Luxury Goods Wholesale Expert of the Year
P&S Life & Investment Academy
The Best Real Estate Investing Course Instructor of the Year
Pearl Makeup & Beauty Limited
The Best One-stop Makeup and Beauty Service of the Year
R.E. Lee Group
The Most Outstanding Professional Wealth Asset Management Group of the Year
S&techs (Hong Kong) Limited
The Best Professional Construction Management Contractor of the Year
Surich Asset Management Limited
The Best Professional Asset Management Group of the Year
Taizoom Elevator Company (HK) Limited
The Most Outstanding Comprehensive Elevator Technology Engineering Brand of the Year
TAM Group
The Most Outstanding Global Cargo and Passenger GSSA of the Year
The Best Ginseng Cordyceps and Seafood Specialty Store of the Year

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