Talk show explores innovative funds for blockchain start-ups

Saturday, Jul 09, 2022 07:03

Representatives of the organising board spoke at the media briefing held by VIR yesterday in Ha Noi. — Photo courtesy VIR

The Global Blockchain Congress 2022 (GBC) will be held for the first time on July 11 and 12 in Viet Nam. The information was shared during a press briefing held by Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) yesterday in Ha Noi.

The event will be organised by Agora Group in collaboration with D.lion Media & Solutions, the Vietnam Blockchain Union, and V2B Labs under the sponsorship of the Vietnam Digital Communication Association.

The previous nine editions of the Global Blockchain Congress were held in Dubai, but this time it will take place in Ha Noi.

During the event, participants will discuss the possibilities for Vietnamese blockchain entrepreneurs to maximise their investment success. The talk show will also examine the opportunities and obstacles in attracting investment funds for Vietnamese blockchain start-ups. Panellists will also discuss effective fundraising strategies with real business cases as a reference for blockchain entrepreneurs.

Agora’s decision to choose Viet Nam for this year’s conference creates a golden opportunity to connect Vietnamese and international businesses, paving the way to strengthen cooperation in the future.

The Global Blockchain Congress will converge on the most popular blockchain trends in 2022, including projects from DeFi and GameFi to NFTs and the Metaverse.

The event will have 10 panel discussions about the hottest topics in the blockchain world today such as MetaFi, Web3, and the future of NFTs. Moreover, the congress will see the participation of well-known speakers with years of experience in the blockchain field.

Blockchain has experienced considerable growth globally over the past few years and Viet Nam has become an emerging market thanks to its achievements in digital transformation and the development of its digital economy.

The Vietnamese government has hugely supportive policies on digital development and digital transformation. The country is also entirely open-minded to new technologies such as blockchain, allowing start-ups in the country to develop rapidly.

Among the top 200 companies developed on the basis of blockchain technology, seven are founded by Vietnamese people. Viet Nam is also one of the five leading countries in blockchain, and there are currently about 10 innovative Vietnamese start-ups in the field with a capitalisation of over US$100 million.

Speaking at a press briefing after VIR's talk show on Friday, Hadi Malaeb, co-founder & CEO of Agora Group, explained why Agora decided to choose Viet Nam as the next destination for the Global Blockchain Congress.

“Agora Group is highly impressed with Viet Nam’s achievements in digital transformation and development and has a strong belief in the breakthrough strategies and visions of the Vietnamese Government on digital transformation, which promote openness and encourage the development of new technologies. Recognising that Viet Nam is a market with fertile land for blockchain to thrive in the near future, the launch of a series of quality projects by Vietnamese start-ups is also one of the key reasons why we consider Viet Nam the most suitable location for the event.”

According to William Do, CEO of HOBBIT Investment, there has been a massive attraction from Vietnamese blockchain start-ups in recent years. “In Viet Nam, newly born blockchain start-ups in GameFi have been warmly welcomed by the global market. When I introduced the FOTA project to a large number of investment funds in Dubai, it was made clear that having strong backing is a necessary key to maintaining the long life of a project, but the human factor also cannot be ignored."

"In the midst of an unpredictable market, the state of mind of a founder must be extremely stable and flexible to navigate through the ups and downs and make vital decisions. Moreover, the helping hand from strategic partners and project advisers also plays an essential role,” Do said

Sharing Do’s view, Jennie Hoang Phuong, CEO of D.Lion Media & Solutions, it is important to first focus on training and perfecting the skills of start-ups.

“Lacking management thinking and basic knowledge in marketing and finance means it is not easy to convince a knowledgable investor, no matter how great your projects are,” she said.

Viet Nam is a young but prospective market for blockchain technology, which has grown rapidly in recent years. The country is making impressive strides in digital transformation and digital economy development based on the government's innovative strategy to uphold an open policy that promotes the development of new technologies and creates a favourable environment for blockchain businesses. — VNS

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