Why is the world choosing a British education?

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016 09:59

British boarding schools have long held a reputation across the world as the gold standard in education. Names of leading schools such as Eton College, Cheltenham Ladies' College, and Marlborough College are familiar to many as among the best schools in the world.

These schools have long histories, excellent university placement records, enviable alumni networks, and a focus on the individual child that allows young people to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and flourish as well-rounded citizens.

In 2012 Marlborough College opened a sister school in Malaysia. The college recognised the need for an international dimension in its quest to produce global citizens and provide the traditional English experience for local and expatriate families in Southeast Asia.

It has had a tremendous start, enjoying rapid growth in pupil numbers.

There is no doubt that part of this success is due to the college's close relationship with the parent school in the UK. It does not operate as a profit-making body exploiting the name and brand under a commercial licence, but is a genuine expansion of Marlborough College.

This strong relationship has helped attract an excellent teaching staff of British teachers, ensuring that the wealth of tradition that guides the character of British boarding education has not been lost in the journey from the UK to Malaysia.

Located just 20 minutes from the Singapore border on the southern tip of mainland Malaysia, the college has a superb 90-acre site that is full of world-class facilities.

We encourage you to make contact to find out how the British boarding school education, located in Malaysia, can change your child's life.

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