Ways to make your employees feel appreciated

Friday, Jun 19, 2015 10:41

Managers who dedicate time and effort to recognize their workers' contributions and promote individual success tend to have more satisfied staff and gain better team productivity. On the contrary, those who don't bother to invest in employee recognition often lose staff quickly, as the saying goes: "employees don't leave companies, they leave managers".

Given that, we at Navigos Search highly recommend you pay close attention to this issue and take notice to the following ways to make your employees feel that their contributions are appreciated.

Tell them

This first and easiest way can be highly effective to make your employees know that they are valued. You can simply stop by your employee's desk and sincerely thank them for their good work. A thank you note accompanied by a gift card can go a long way towards making your staff know they are appreciated.

Tell the board

Sending an email to the CEO copying in your employee to highlight their contributions can mean a million bucks to the employee. As for the CEO, he will have something to say to the employee the next time they meet at the water cooler.

Give them a day off

Over 80% of employees in a survey by Staples believe that a break would make them more productive. Provide your employee the chance to stay away from everyday work after a big project or major achievement without feeling guilty can help them relaxed and feel that their talent is treasured.

Empower them

70% of American employees are either uninspired at work or actively disengaged because they feel unsupported or over-scrutinized. On the contrary, supported and empowered employees are free to focus on the areas where they can be the most valuable, leading to a more successful and sustainable organization.

A higher salary or bonus is a necessary but insufficient condition for the employee recognition program that your company needs. Making employees feel that their talents and contributions are appreciated through non-monetary methods has become imperative for managers in today's workplace.

Source: Navigos Search

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