Viet Nam's FUNiX provides a learning platform for international universities

Monday, Sep 27, 2021 18:33

Smart Campus to Campus uses FUNiX's platform to cross-share learning materials and online courses amongst member universities. — Photo courtesy of FUNiX

Gunma University in Japan has announced its next five-year strategy, with a focus on building a smart university connection system called Smart Campus to Campus (SCC). The project will be run on a platform provided by FUNiX (a member of FPT Corporation).

SCC utilises FUNiX's platform to cross-share learning materials and online courses among member universities. FUNiX plays the role of a coordination centre; organising exchange activities and creating a vibrant international student community in an online environment.

SCC also creates a facility that allows member universities to recognise each other's credits, and build a joint training programme that allows students to study and receive accreditation from different universities at the same time.

Representatives from Gunma University and FUNiX shared that SCC is welcoming participation from top universities in Japan, Australia, the US and the UK.

Hoang Van Cuong, Director of FUNiX Japan, said: “This event affirmed the prestige of FUNiX in the field of online training not only in Viet Nam but also in the region. Thanks to this training model, students can access the best training programs of many universities, while paticipating in a diverse international student community on a unified online platform, coordinated by FUNiX”.

Earlier this month, FUNiX participated in an international webinar titled "Opportunities and challenges for universities in building online learning programs during COVID-19 pandemic". 50 representatives from 25 international universities and institutes attended. At the same time, delegates from 8 countries also agreed to establish the Global Online Educators Community (GOEC), which is pioneered and operated by FUNiX. — VNS

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