Thai restaurant ANH TUKK relocates

Saturday, Dec 05, 2020 12:00

ANH TUKK restaurant offers a new destination for Thai food lovers in HCM City. — Photo Courtesy ANH TUKK restaurant

HT House has announced it has moved ANH TUKK, a Thai cuisine restaurant, to a new location at 74 Hai Ba Trung Street in District 1 of HCM City.

Since its opening in 2016 on Dong Khoi Street, ANH TUKK has been a breath of fresh air for Thai cuisine in HCM City. The restaurant’s masterful coupling of bold Thai flavours with the modern diner’s penchant for sophisticated presentation means that ANH TUKK honors the traditions of Thai cooking.

The support and influence of parent company and ambassadors of Asian food in Viet Nam, HT House, can be detected in all of ANH TUKK’s accomplishments, from its creative menu to exuberant hospitality.

To celebrate the upcoming festive season, the restaurant provides guests with enjoyable menus that complement the festive spirit as well as reimagined dining spaces that promise an unrivalled venue for the end of year celebrations.

For groups of 30 guests or more, ANH TUKK offers a 20 per cent discount on “A la Carte” Menu and a complimentary welcome drink and finger food. The restaurant can also provide free amenities and basic decoration package.

HT House, formerly known as HT Group, was officially established in 2014 yet its founders conceived the idea in 2008 to launch the first restaurant of the group: the highly acclaimed Hoa Tuc, a restaurant embodying the spirit of Vietnamese cuisine.

HT House has launched various noteworthy restaurant brands in Saigon including Hoa Tuc, the masters of contemporary Vietnamese cuisine; TukTuk, a modern Thai Bistro; ANH TUKK, a modern Thai restaurant; Chi Hoa, home-style Vietnamese cuisine; HUE, a restaurant honoring central Vietnamese cooking; and Rico Taco, a Mexican kitchen. — VNS


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