Signify unveils Internet of Things platform

Monday, Nov 12, 2018 15:08

Signify has unveiled its new Internet of Things platform, Interact. — VNS Photo

Signify (former Phillips Lighting) has unveiled its new Internet of Things platform, Interact, and connected lighting systems that can generate and upload data to the platform to power a growing portfolio of data-enabled services.

Signify has already installed 29 million connected light points world-wide and plans for every new LED product it produces to be connectable by 2020.

This growing number of connected light points, sensors and devices, as well as systems, can collect large volumes of data, which Interact is designed to handle.

The scalable, cloud-based platform uses sophisticated and modern data management and data processing capabilities to create data-enabled services for customers that will deliver benefits beyond illumination.

A typical example of such a service is occupancy data from different buildings, combined and analysed to help managers to understand and predict how people use office space.

Such insights can help deliver savings by optimising the use of existing office space and support better designed, more efficient buildings.

Interact has features, including managing user and device security, authentication, and authorisation for connected lighting systems, lamps and luminaires, and services.

It can manage the ingestion, storage, governance and analysis of data collected from connected LED light points and sensors across local and global lighting infrastructures.

Interact is an open IoT platform. In the future, the company will announce an Interact Developer portal which will be used to manage a range of licensed APIs to enable third partners to develop various applications and data-enabled services. — VNS

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