Samsung Medical Centre to speed up global healthcare research with new platform

Tuesday, Jul 06, 2021 10:59

Samsung Medical Centre is building a medical research platform on Amazon Web Services to speed up global research. — Photo Courtesy AWS

Amazon Web Services has announced that Samsung Medical Centre is building a medical research platform on it to accelerate research at healthcare institutions world-wide and help hospitals better cope with new infectious diseases like COVID-19.

The South Korean company will use AWS’s portfolio of cloud services including machine learning, networking and content delivery, security, identity, and compliance services to share and analyse medical data, optimise clinical decision-making by ensuring healthcare providers have the right information at the right time, and predict disease outcomes to improve the health of patients while providing them with personalised care.

Samsung seeks to build a secure and scalable platform for medical practitioners and researchers to share treatment findings and strategies, analyse patient data and interpret treatment outcomes.

Using Amazon SageMaker to build, train and deploy machine learning models quickly, it will help researchers better understand vast quantities of medical disease research data from various projects and identify new treatment options.

With AWS Identity and Access Management, a service that helps users securely control access to AWS resources, it will simplify complex processes like user identification, authentication and behaviour analysis, and maintain consistent security practices with identity management and authentication tools like multi-factor authentication.

“Building a medical research platform on AWS will help researchers and clinicians accelerate medical research to save lives,” Pung-Ryeol Lee, head of office of data innovation at Samsung Medical Centre, said.

“AWS’s unmatched suite of cloud services enables our teams to seamlessly and securely work with other domestic and overseas healthcare institutions on Samsung Medical Center’s platform to fuel the global understanding of diseases and improve patient outcomes world-wide.” — VNS

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