P/S extends collaboration with Vietnam Odonto-Stomatology Association

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022 18:47

P/S of Unilever Vietnam and the Viet Nam Odonto-Stomatology Association have announced a collaboration agreement to prolong the Protecting Vietnamese Smiles programme to 2027.

The programme is a component of a strategic partnership between the two parties to enhance oral health and reduce oral diseases by 10 per cent in Viet Nam between 2022 and 2027.

Under the collaboration, the two sides will strengthen education on appropriate oral hygiene habits including organising communication initiatives to inspire 20 million people to properly brush their teeth day and night to prevent oral health issues. In addition, they will co-ordinate to implement the School Dentistry programme to directly approach and spread the formation of healthy daily brushing habits to 2.6 million primary and preschool children

The oral health checks among the community will also be organised with free dental examinations and consultations for 100,000 children and the elderly.

The two sides will develop free remote oral examination and consultation activities through hotline and the internet to provide 10 million people with access to dentists.

Scientific research will be conducted with surveys and clinical testing. They will also implement research activities, and conduct forums for the Vietnamese dentistry community to discuss and exchange dental information and knowledge.

Since 1998, P/S has collaborated with the Viet Nam Odonto-Stomatology Association to promote dental care and education for primary and preschool kids across the country to protect Vietnamese smiles.

The campaign was officially launched in 1998, with over 40 dentists and more than 20 mobile dental clinics coming to schools throughout the country.

In a 1999 national oral health survey conducted by the Viet Nam Odonto-Stomatology Association, 60-80 percent of youngsters had decay in their baby teeth. Dental cavities, which have negative effects on both oral and general health, are the third most serious public health issue, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). On the other hand, if given the proper care, children can maintain their teeth for life, lowering the medical burden on families and society. — VNS

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