Prudential helps Vietnamese prepare for independent seniority

Tuesday, Nov 08, 2022 14:35

Prudential Vietnam has launched the ‘Tu do Tuoi 50’ information page to offer solutions to achieving independence when one reaches senior age. — Photo courtesy of the company

Prudential Vietnam has launched the ‘Tu do Tuoi 50’ (Freedom at 50) information page, which offers useful information to the community to help everyone find solutions to be entirely independent in their senior age.

It has data representative of the population aged 30-44 and four main areas that affect one’s independence in old age: financial freedom, engagement with family and society, preparation for physical and mental health, and expectation and preparation for senior life.

These aspects are summarised based on a study that measures the level or readiness for living independently when they grow old among Vietnamese done by the Institute of Social and Medical Studies in collaboration with Prudential Vietnam and the Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs by polling 2,019 people aged 30-44.

Prudential has made graphics and videos out of the survey to make it easy for readers to refer to and look up necessary information.

Also on this page, Prudential has a "financial calculation" tool to help people build a financial contingency plan for a comfortable and independent senior life.

The tool crunches simple data entered by users and lets them know the minimum amount they need to accumulate every month to achieve financial freedom at the age they desire. — VNS

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