Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam funds Green Connect project

Friday, Jul 15, 2022 15:11

Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam signs agreement with Green Connect to upcycle food waste into free-range chickens and eggs. — Photo Courtesy Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam

Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam on Thursday in HCM City announced a partnership with Green Connect to carry out a project to upcycle food waste into free-range chickens and eggs.

Accordingly, the Mondelez Kinh Do and Mondelēz International's Sustainable Futures will fund US$30,000 to the project, which aims to convert organic waste into nutrient-rich organic fertiliser for plants and produce feed that serves as an abundant source of protein for livestock, poultry and aquatic products.

The project will be carried out in 2022 and 2023.

Green Connect is expected to increase its waste treatment capacity from 500 kg per day to 30 tonnes per day, which enables it to produce 3,000 - 5,000 free-range chicken eggs per day and helps reduce the cost of free-cage eggs.

The project also allows Green Connect to collect food waste from Mondelez Kinh Do’s Binh Duong plant of up to 5 tonnes per month for processing into animal feed.

Huynh Hanh Phuc, CEO and Founder of Green Connect, shared: “I have faith in the fact that the use of more cage-free chicken eggs in its production will inspire many other factories and chicken farms to follow in Việt Nam.”

Organic waste generated by restaurants, schools, industrial kitchens and wholesale agricultural markets currently accounts for 75 per cent of total waste nationwide. These leftovers and by-products at the end of the day will be discarded in garbage bags and collected by the environmental sanitation services or urban environmental companies, then burned or buried, causing a huge of energy waste and environmental pollution. The need to find a sustainable solution that focuses on upcycling food waste rather than simple disposal for landfills has therefore become essential.

As a solution, the social enterprise Green Connect has applied digital and bio technology to solve sustainability issues in agriculture and environment and Larva Yum - a project that uses black soldier fly larvae to process organic waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer - is one of its initiatives. – VNS

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