Mai Linh launches taxi co-operative

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018 18:11

The co-operative’s cars will have the logo of Hoa Binh Xanh Taxi and Mai Linh’s national switchboard number, 1055. — Photo courtesy of the company

Hoa Binh Xanh Taxi, which operates under a co-operative model, is a new service of Mai Linh Group.

Hoa Binh Xanh Taxi will start operating on Thursday in HCM City, then will be deployed nationwide.

The project was set up to diversify products under the Mai Linh brand and bring the co-operative model into a managed organisation in which the quality of transport services is controlled and safety criteria for passengers are set.

The co-operative is for all partners with idle vehicles. Co-operative members are able to retain the colour of their cars, not having to paint their cars with Mai Linh’s signature green colour.

Hoa Binh Xanh Taxi will use the Mai Linh Taxi application and the united prefix number, 1055, across the country.

On its cars, there are logos of Hoa Binh Xanh Taxi and Mai Linh’s national switchboard number.

The cars of Hoa Binh Xanh Taxi will have blue taxi boxes on the roofs, which help State management agencies keep track of the taxis.

Hoa Binh Xanh Taxi will be a new co-operative under the Law on Cooperative to connect people, create jobs for members, promote the role of members and ensure tax obligations with the State, Ho Huy, chairman of Mai Linh Group told — VNS

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