Local mobile network launches new packages

Thursday, Jun 09, 2022 18:59

Local mobile network officially provides customers with many new package options. — Photo courtesy of Local

The Local mobile network is providing customers with many new package options designed to suit younger customers.

Based on three basic packages with a huge daily capacity of 3GB, 4GB, and 5GB (A68, A89 and A99, respectively), Local has added A89S and A99S versions, which apply a promotion of 1,000 free minutes for Local and MobiFone calls (with calls under 10 minutes).

Besides, with the preferential zone policy, the inter-network calling fee in the area of ​​the Local mobile network is now only VND690 per (3 US cents) minute.

At the same time, to increase convenience for users, Local offers additional packages with usage cycles of up to 6 months and 12 months.

When customers sign up for 6-month or 12-month long-term packages, the mobile network will give an extra free month of service.

ASIM Telecom, the developer of the Local mobile network, has officially been given a licence to establish a public telecom network from March 31, becoming the eighth network in the market.

It provides a trial of basic and value-added telecommunications services nationwide from April last year, with about 100,000 SIM cards using MobiFone broadband. — VNS

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