Lark Mail offers new email experience for Vietnamese enterprises

Thursday, Aug 06, 2020 21:27

Lark Mail targets bringing a new email experience to Vietnamese enterprises. — VNS Photo

Technology company, Lark Technologies Pte Ltd, has recently launched a new product, Lark Mail, that is expected to redefine the email experience for enterprises in Viet Nam.

Lark Mail is seamlessly integrated with Lark’s suite of collaboration tools including messenger, video calling, docs and sheets, cloud storage, and calendar, the company said.

The new product allows users to email a chat group; keep email organised with a smart inbox; and provide quick permissions. It also has out-of-office replies and gmail integration.

Lark Mail, along with the rest of Lark’s suite of collaboration tools consisting of 200GB cloud storage, 500GB email storage and unlimited video call minutes, are available free for businesses in Viet Nam.

In addition to Lark Mail, the company also recently introduced a new feature called Magic Share, which allows participants to edit content within the video call window, and view content presented at their own pace.

Magic Share eliminates the need to have multiple tabs open when working with colleagues on a collaborative document during a video call, and means that users no longer have to worry about keeping up with a presenter that goes too fast or too slow.

“Email remains a core component to the workflow of many organisations, but its separation from other collaborative tools such as messenger creates bottlenecks in productivity and makes it hard to stay on the same page," said Joey Lim, Lark VP of Commercial, Asia.

"We strongly believe Lark Mail's integration of email with messenger, video calling, docs, cloud storage and calendar will break down these barriers and transform the way email is used within our customers' organisations.”

Similar to many countries in the region, in the race to realise the smart city model, the Vietnamese Government is actively accelerating its digital transformation agenda.

According to the IDC's Future of Work Survey conducted in 2018, 38 per cent of Vietnamese organisations have implemented collaboration and enterprise messaging tools, while 25 per cent are planning to do so in the next 1-2 years. — VNS

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