In last week of promotion, Co.opmart parking plots constantly full

Monday, May 07, 2018 17:24

Fresh food products are sold at discounts of up to 20 per cent at Co.opmart. — VNS Photo Thien Thu

The Co.opmart supermarket chain’s promotion month to celebrate its 22nd anniversary ends on May 9.

Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets nation-wide in these days are constantly adding goods on shelves in order to meet the shopping needs from consumers. Not surprisingly, their parking lots are always full.

Of their several promotions, “Buy more, get more incentives” has attracted the largest number of customers because nearly 200 different product lines like processed foods, cosmetics and household appliances are being sold at more attractive prices than ever before.

Besides, the more customers buy, the more benefit they get, with the second item of a product enjoying steep discounts.

Thus, a second 3.8kg bottle of Lix concentrate detergent liquid is sold at a mere VND5,000 against its original price of VND152,200.

A 150g box of Sensodyne Fresh Mint toothpaste has its price discounted from VND71,500 to VND25,500, while for a 600ml bottle of Lien Thanh 40N fish sauce the price drops from VND58,500 to VND24,000.

The price of a Tubeghi GF701 - 750ml earthen pot with patterns is cut from VND100,000 to VND39,900.

A pack of Co.opmart food wrap 0.3x30cm has its price cut from VND19,900 to VND7,900.

For a 4l bottle of Lix floor cleaning liquid with summer sun scent, the price is reduced from VND89,900 to VND8,000.

A Tithafac 20cm round stainless steel container sees its price reduced from VND49,000 to VND15,000.

In other promotions, household electrical products such as kettles, blenders, electric cookers, electric fans, and irons and garments for children and adults suitable for the current warm weather are sold at discounts of 17 to 46 per cent.

Customers with silver/gold/platinum Co.opmart cards will get 15-30 points, or four to six times the normal rate, when buying yogurt, oats, coffee, instant noodles, milk powder, cake, shower gel belonging to Maggi, Milo, X-men, Lays, Omachi, Friso, Yomost, Nescafe, Solite and other brands. — VNS

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