Have you tried mobile recruiting?

Friday, May 15, 2015 15:59

Desktops and laptops are beginning to feel like relics these days. Mobile phones are the new HR frontier. If your company isn't using mobile phones to recruit or make referrals, you run the risk of losing out on top talent.

According to a survey by WeAreSocial.net, Viet Nam's population of 90.7 million uses 128.3 million phones, the average person owns 1.4 mobile phones. A poll conducted by BenefitsPro says that 70% of job seekers use smartphones or tablets to find a job, but only 33% of employers pay attention to mobile recruiting.

Using mobiles allows employers to tap in the huge pool of talent that use mobiles as their main channel of communication. Furthermore, you can easily collect candidates' information if viable candidates are otherwise too busy to fill out the application.

So, how can the mobile marketplace be fully exploited in recruitment efforts?

Firstly, a mobile-friendly interface deserves some investment. It should be as appealing and easy to navigate as possible, and effectively represents the company's culture. People who may not be suitable for the position may instead refer it to their friends.

Don't take the application process too seriously. Make it fun. For example, create a video of a coworker talking about the organization and what the job entails. This can be more valuable than a thousand-word description.

Make use of social media. Research by WeAreSocial.net also shows that 31% of Vietnamese join social networks. This means Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks are HR powerhouses. Leading by example, Navigos Search, the leading provider of recruiting services in Viet Nam, has nearly 20 thousand connections with top talents on LinkedIn (as of May 2015), which helps the company source talent, find and hire active and passive candidates efficiently.

Millions of people are using mobile everyday in Vietnam. Be savvy and exploit it for recruiting and referral process in your hunt for new talent.

Source: Navigos Search

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