Hải Phòng expands industrial parks to draw more FDI

Tuesday, Feb 06, 2024 14:11

Lê Trung Kiên (fourth, left), Head of the Hải Phòng Economic Zone Authority, visits and present gifts to businesses in local IPs on Monday. — VNA/VNS Photo

The northern port city of Hải Phòng is rolling out measures to make breakthroughs in the development of economic zones (EZ) and industrial parks (IP) to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI).

The city plans to build 15 more IPs covering an area of over 6,200ha. To date, the construction of two IPs has been approved by the Prime Minister, covering nearly 1,200ha.

Alongside, as the city aims to develop sustainably, it is switching traditional IPs into ecological IPs at DEEP C IP and Nam Cầu Kiền IP, heading to the circular economy model, thus saving resources, reducing costs and protecting the public health and the environment.

Hải Phòng has also built a project to adjust the general planning of the Đình Vũ-Cát Hải EZ until 2040 with a vision to 2050. The city also aims to construct an EZ in the south of the city, which is expected to take shape in 2025 with an area of 20,000ha.

So far, the city has had 14 IPs with an average occupation rate of 63.25 per cent.

Lê Trung Kiên, head of the Hải Phòng Economic Zone Authority, said that last year, the city drew US$3.5 billion of FDI, raising the total in the city to $26.5 billion, with priority to projects with high and environmentally friendly technologies. — VNS

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