Founder of CMG Asia launches fitness app

Friday, Nov 22, 2019 14:00

A training session at a fitness centre in HCM City. — VNS Photo

LEEP.APP, a digital platform designed to provide users personalised fitness solutions, has been launched officially after over a years trial.

Developed by the founder of CMG Asia, the phone application uses smart technologies like artificial intelligence to match users with the best personal trainers.

The company said: “With its easy- to-use mobile interface, transparent pricing, large network of locations and highly qualified fitness professionals, LEEP.APP allows you to train whenever and wherever you want. Empower yourself to make the most intelligent choices with your fitness needs.”

The app also makes booking a trainer much more convenient. Users are no longer limited to one gym and a limited number of trainers, the company said.

For freelance trainers, the app helps them run their business off their phone and get total mobile business solutions to help them operate more professionally with better optics and feedback from clients. LEEP.APP allows trainers to access a much larger audience and earn money more easily but still have the freedom to control their schedules.

After over one year of trialling and upgrades, it has attracted over 25,000 users with over 500,000 exercise hours.

CMG Asia, which entered the Viet Nam market in 2007, has created, managed and invested in some of the largest and most successful health and consumer lifestyle brands in Southeast Asia. — VNS


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