Discount programme on essential goods offered to people affected by COVID

Monday, Jul 19, 2021 08:08

A programme with a 50-per-cent discount on essential goods has been organised to help people living in difficulties. — VNS Photo

Yeah1 and Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union have jointly launched a programme offering consumers a discount of 50 per cent on necessary products.

The programme called “sharing love, joining hands to overcome the pandemic” is responding to the Government’s call to support people whose lives have been strongly affected and workers who have lost jobs due to the pandemic.

Starting in 2020, the programme aims to reach the dual goals of containing COVID and boosting the economy.

In addition to offering 50-per-cent-discounted programmes, it also provide jobs to many workers in factories manufacturing necessary products.

This year, the programme starts from July 15 to June 30 next year and will be applied in 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

Under the programme, consumers buying combos on the MEGA1 app or at the programme’s mobile selling points will receive a refund value of 50 per cent.

There will be four combos in the programmes in which consumers can buy rice, fish sauce, soya sauce, dry foods and spices.

Each consumer is allowed to buy one package per month.

The programme also offers discounts to organisations, companies and individuals who buy goods to support people in difficulties due to COVID-19.

The programme has received co-operation from many parties including Viet Nam E-commerce Association, HDBank, Sihub, Shopee, Media One, and Vina Cacao. — VNS

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