Digital channels outperform TV in helping brands reach audiences in Southeast Asia

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2021 08:56

A study by Kantar and Facebook of 64 multi-media campaigns in six Southeast Asian markets including Viet Nam in 2016-20 found digital touch points to be more efficient than television in reaching consumers. — Photo courtesy of Facebook

Digital channels have outperformed television in helping brands reach Southeast Asian audiences, according to a study by Kantar Cross Media Study and Facebook.

It examined 64 multi-media campaigns across six Southeast Asian markets including Viet Nam in 2016-20, finding that digital touch points were more important and impactful throughout the consumer journey.

Digital channels help brands reach more people, facilitate emotional connection and a sense of preference for brands, and turn the audience into consumers.

Especially during the pandemic, digital solutions showcase greater impact and value-for-money.

While the costs for TV are notably high, platforms like Facebook and YouTube are proving themselves two times more cost-effective in driving reach.

Overall, digital-led campaigns commit higher return-on-investment, increasing, notably, motivation to purchase 1.5 times.

Among digital channels, Facebook is the top platform, helping brands achieve efficacy across indicators and optimise their budget.

According to key insights shared at the recent Facebook Video Summit, the time spent using social media in Viet Nam increased by over 40 per cent between 2013 and 2020.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, 89 per cent of users said, social networks help them engage more and better with businesses.

Bryan Vo, marketing science partner, Facebook Vietnam, said: “Digital channels are now increasingly prioritised by brands, thanks to their high efficacy in driving brand and sales impact at a lower cost compared to traditional channels.” — VNS

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