Co.opmart supermarkets to offer great sales promotion

Friday, Apr 27, 2018 16:09

There will be various deals each day. — Photo courtesy of Co.opmart

Multiple promotions are on offer at Co.opmart supermarkets this weekend on the occasion of Reunification Day, April 30, and International Labour Day, May 1.

Co.opmart supermarkets will collaborate with many brands to offer discounts on a variety of essential products like cooking oils, shower gels, detergents, and milk.

Some of the items will be sold at a mere VNĐ2,000 and 5,000.

This sales promotion campaign has started from today (April 27), according to which a 5L bottle of vegetable oil is sold at VNĐ119,000 and a 28cm nonstick pan at VNĐ69,000.

On Saturday (April 28) the price of a 454g pack of Ajinomoto MSG will drop from VNĐ30,300 to VNĐ2,000, a 1l bottle pack of Nutri strawberry milk from VNĐ26,2000 to VNĐ2,000, and a six pack of Dutch Lady pasteurised milk from VNĐ32,400 to VNĐ5,000.

On Sunday (April 29) a 530g bottle of Lux shower gel will see its price cut from VNĐ92,000 to VNĐ49,000, a 3.8kg bottle of Sunlight detergent from VNĐ95,000 to VNĐ55,000, and a 1.6l pack of Comfort fabric softener from VNĐ109,000 to VNĐ59,000.

Terms and conditions apply to these promotions.

Besides, from now through May 1, Co.opmart and Co.opXtra supermarkets are organising another sales promotion offering foods, beverages, clothes, and household appliances at discounts of up to 50 per cent.

At “golden hours” -- such as 8-10am and 4-6pm -- foods product like catfish, broccoli and watermelon among others are sold at VNĐ4,500/ kilo.

Some 200,000 free vouchers will be offered to customers with loyalty cards who buy for at least VNĐ500,000 on April 30 and May 1. VNS

Kicker: Co.opmart supermarkets are set to roll out attractive promotions on the occasion of Reunification Day on April 30 and International Labour Day on May 1. Photo courtesy of Co.opmart

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