Co.opmart offers shop more, get more at weekends

Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 09:00

Co.opmart promotion programmes have attracted a large number of customers.

With thousands of products sold at big discounts to mark Co.opmart’s 22nd anniversary, the supermarket has been drawing more than 300,000 shoppers daily.

During weekends, when there are special promotion programmes, footfall has doubled from normal days.

From April 19 to 25 the supermarket will offer steep discounts when customers buy the second, fourth and sixth items of a product under its “Buy more, get great incentives” programme.

People queue up to enjoy the interesting activities inside Co.opmart’s giant gift box in HCM City as part of its 22nd anniversary celebrations.

Thus, the prices of a Tithafac stainless steel hotpot cookware with a glass lid will be reduced from VND165,000 to only VND4,900 for the second item, a four-pack of 100g Vinamilk aloe yogurt from VND25,200 to VND17,400, an 180g food wrap cling film 20x30cm from VND15,000 to VND6,500, and a pack of 120g SamYang Kimchi noodle from VND20,400 to only VND7,600.

Co.opmart supermarkets are offering steep discounts on the second, fourth and sixth items of the same products a customer buys under its “Buy more, get great incentives” programme from now until April 25.

Also during this period Co.opmart and Co.opXtra will offer customers four to six times more bonus points that normal or give 30 bonus points to customers with silver/gold/platinum cards when they buy dairy products, cakes, instant coffee, shower gel, shrimp paste and other products from large brands such as Dutch Lady, Oreo, LU, Nescafe, Maggi, Poca, and X-Men.

Under the “Super incentive programme” on April 21 and 22 many other essential items will be sold at big discounts of VND38,000 to VND1.67 million per product.

For instance, the prices of a 4kg bottle of lemon-scented Lix dishwashing liquid will be reduced to just VND30,000 a bottle, a bottle of 1.8kg Downy Mysterious fabric softener will be cut by VND57,000 to only VND65,000, a set of Lock&Lock floor cleansing kit will be discounted to only VND349,000.

To be able to buy such items, customers have to meet certain simple conditions. They can get all the required information at the supermarket.

Co.opmart’s giant gift box will continue to appear on Saturdays (April 21, 28 and May 5) from 3pm at Sense City Can Tho, Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, and Van Hanh Mall in HCM City offering a memorable experience and valuable gifts.


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