AEON Vietnam opens its first super supermarket in Bình Dương New City

Saturday, Jul 29, 2023 09:15

Delegates cut a ribbon to officially open the AEON Bình Dương New City Super Supermarket at SORA Gardens SC Shopping Center in Bình Dương New City on July 28. — Photo courtesy of the company

AEON Vietnam officially opened the first Super Supermarket (SSM) - AEON Bình Dương New City at SORA Gardens SC Shopping Center in Bình Dương New City on July 28.

With a total area of 5,000sq.m, AEON Bình Dương New City hopes to bring the AEON-standard shopping experience closer to customers in the southern region. This is also a part of AEON’s selective investment strategy in Việt Nam, meeting customer needs by developing a multi-format business model.

“This is the first time AEON Vietnam has launched a Super Supermarket model in the South. We choose Bình Dương New City after finding out the development potential of the economy and population of this area in the near future. Therefore, AEON Vietnam decided to invest at this time, following a long-term vision of five to 10 years while continuing to search for suitable locations in other provinces and cities for business expansion,” said Furusawa Yasuyuki - General Director of AEON Vietnam.

With the SSM model, AEON Vietnam aims to meet the "near and convenient” requirement of a large urban population, providing AEON standard products, services and shopping experience, thereby helping customers enjoy their daily lives.

Customers shop at the Supermarket of AEON Bình Dương New City. — Photo courtesy of the company

AEON Bình Dương New City is located on the ground floor of SORA Garden SC, and includes two main areas: Delica and Supermarket. With a variety of AEON-standard high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, AEON Bình Dương New City is expected to contribute to enhancing the lifestyle of customers.

The Delica area, which has an area of more than 710sq.m with a capacity of 90 seats, is an ideal place for families and groups of friends to gather, and enjoy cuisine from Japan and Korea to a Thai food stand salad bar, and a sushi bar. The Barista Beans area specialises in serving delicious coffee and various teas and cakes, promising to meet the needs of all customers.

The supermarket area can satisfy a large number of local residents and young families' shopping needs in the Bình Dương New City area. AEON Bình Dương New City Super supermarket brings high-quality and convenient products for daily life, such as fresh ingredients and foods, organic products, ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products and frozen products.

Customers can also shop for a variety of goods from AEON's private brands such as TOPVALU and home appliances from HOME COORDY with Japanese quality standards. — Photo courtesy of the company

In 2022, AEON Vietnam also launched the Hanoi AEON The Nine, the country’s first Super Supermarket (SSM) format in Hà Nội.

The Vietnamese retail market is perceived to be advantageous for long-term growth and is more developed compared to other Asian markets, given political stability, low inflation, abundant labour resources with competitive cost, and a favourable investment environment.

AEON Group has seen Việt Nam as its second hub besides Japan in its long-term development strategy. AEON Vietnam has designed a selective investment strategy for business activities in preparation for future growth through the development of AEON’s private brands products and e-commerce channels along with expanding the business area with multi-format models that meet the diverse needs and actual conditions of each area. — VNS

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