Phu My Hung's new project with residence and resort design screams luxury

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2016 11:15

Late last week, the first selling phase of a new project called Riverpark Premier developed by Phú Mỹ Hưng Development Corporation was organised in District 7 of HCM City. After only two hours, 99 per cent of 161 apartments in blocks A and B were sold, 25 per cent of which are from foreign buyers.
Mr. Axel Fabian Korn

Axel Fabian Korn of Germany's Korn Architects Company, who has designed Riverpark Premier, spoke about the project and explained why it attracted many clients.

What did you feel when the project was successful on its first launch? 

This is a great achievement and I'm very proud of my team who worked very hard on the design for two years. I see that our thoughts on how to create very attractive public spaces have been rewarded.

Although the price of a Riverpark Premier condo is quite high, ranging between VNĐ6billion (US$269,000) and VNĐ18billion ($807,000) per unit, it still achieved great sales performance. So what do think about this?           

I believe the buyers understood the quality of the project and for this the price is not expensive. A main consideration also might have been that the neighborhood is complete so once people move in, there will be no more construction disturbance, since this building was the last chance to secure an apartment in the prestigious Hillview District.

25 per cent of the successful transactions was made from foreign buyers.

Can you tell us about the design of Riverpark Premier?

Riverpark Premier's development follows the very successful Riverpark Residence that Phu My Hung Development Corporation built eight years ago. It will complete the center of Hillview District.

In this project, however, we have scaled up quality and standards to make it different. We took advantage of the great location next to the river with good views and a fresh breeze.

The project includes two square and one oval towers arranged around green gardens and a swimming pool which step down to the river.

This way we connect the resort-like building gardens with the scenic beauty of the river.

All public facilities like gymnasium and yoga centre, kid's play yard and club are arranged around the central swimming pool which will get a fresh breeze from the riverside. From these public areas, residents can quickly walk to the river sidewalk.

The swimming pool will be divided into two parts on slightly different levels: one for adults and one for children. The two parts are connected with each other by a small waterfall.

The main lobby in each building is very high [as tall two floors], which makes the project more luxurious.

We also focused more on upgrading the interior design.

The project which took two years to design with beautifully rare river view Final launch event will be on 10/9.

Riverpark Premier promises to be a new high-end model. What will create this difference?

I think some standards that a high-end project has to meet include construction quality and the soundproofing of apartments. In addition, there are many other factors that create high standards such as the surrounding environment and public facilities.

Along with that, construction materials are an important factor that indicate the high-end nature of a project.

Korn Architects is responsible for designing not only the exteriors but also the interiors of the project, including public areas like gym and yoga centre.

It took us six months to select the building materials because we compared the materials used in projects in Phu My Hung City Centre and others of the same class around the city.

Phu My Hung Development Corporation has developed some high-end projects like Riverside Residence, Riverpark Residence. With Riverpark Premier, a new concept will be developed for high-end apartments.

With this great location and advanced materials as proposed by us, we thrive to set a new quality milestone in Phu My Hung.

Facilities by your door step surrounded by the scenic garden and tranquil river flow.

How have you adopted the 2R (Residence & Resort) design in the project?

2R is the trend we are striving to follow in the project.

For instance, when using public facilities in the project, you will have the feeling that you are on holiday in a resort.

Riverpark Premier is an ideal example that other projects can study to know about this new trend.

It has a large scenic area that connects to three buildings so that residents can contemplate and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There are many facilities in this area like a BBQ and walkway along the river. Uniquely, the area is divided into two parts: a noisy one and a quite one. Residents can choose for themselves the part they like. They can walk or play with their children.

A restaurant will be built so that residents can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching their children play.

While living in Riverpark Premier, there is no need to go anywhere for a holiday. A place where you can relax like at a resort is ready when you come home after a hard day's work.

But residents can still enjoy all the facilities of a modern urban area.

Do you think Riverpark Premier will change people's perception that townhouses and villas are superior to apartments?

Luxury lobby with top-quality materials which took 6 months to assemble.

In general, a house needs more maintenance than an apartment. You will get more services and facilities when living in an apartment. I prefer an apartment with full facilities than a house or villa with no facility. Vietnamese often likes private houses. This thinking is however changing with modernity. Busy people now prefer an apartment with a private area and enough facilities. In addition, they get good care from the management and company staff. Security is one of the best things this project will offer its residents.

Half of the 30,000 people living in the Phu My Hung City Centre are foreigners. It is also the place with the largest number of foreigners in HCM City. Why do you think the place attracts foreigners?

In Phu My Hung City Centre, there are many places to walk and green spaces which offer residents fresh air. They can ride a bicycle or walk to shops. These things are not easy to find in the economic hub of HCM City.

That is the most important thing foreigners care about, I think.

Services and security are two other factors. Because they are strangers the thing they worry about most is security. Meanwhile, since they come from foreign countries, they need many services. Phu My Hung City Centre fully provides these two things.

With professional planning and collaboration with many architects, Phu My Hung has been successful in creating a high-end living environment for its residents.

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