Gojek partners with Selex Motors to expand electric motorbikes pilot in Việt Nam

Friday, Sep 08, 2023 11:54

A Gojek driver transports his passenger by Selex electric motorbike. — VNS Photo

Gojek has just announced its partnership with Selex Motors, a pioneering Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) start-up, to pilot the use of Selex Camel EV motorbikes across Gojek’s transport and mobility, food-delivery, and logistics services in Việt Nam.

Gojek users will be able to enjoy GoRide, GoFood and GoSend services via Selex Motorbikes starting from September 6.

Through the partnership, Gojek driver-partners will have the opportunity to access Selex Camel electric motorbikes, for use when they carry out GoRide, GoFood, and GoSend orders on the Gojek platform.

Selex Camel bikes can help drivers save up to 35 per cent on fuel and 50 per cent maintenance costs, enabling them to significantly save on operating costs whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions when compared to traditional gasoline motorbikes.

Selex Camel models utilise battery-swapping technology - in just two minutes drivers can quickly and efficiently exchange their batteries at a shared battery-swapping station, achieving up to 150 km in range on a full charge.

Through this pilot with Selex, Gojek driver-partners can swap their batteries for free at more than 30 battery-swapping stations in Hà Nội and more than 40 across HCM City. In addition, a portable charger is included, enabling drivers to have effortless home charging, meeting the different charging needs of the drivers.

Sumit Rathor, General Manager, Gojek Việt Nam, said: “To date, our ongoing EV pilot has been successful in helping us to understand and meet the needs of our driver-partners, as well as enabling them to reduce their operational costs. This latest cooperation with Selex helps us to gain an even greater perspective, diversifying EV options and access for our-driver partners as well as expanding the EV pilot to reach even more consumers.”

“The partnership will help Gojek Việt Nam to further play its part in supporting GoTo Group’s commitment to achieving Zero Emissions and transitioning our fleet to 100 per cent EVs by 2030”, he added.

Nguyễn Hữu Phước Nguyễn, CEO, Selex Motors, said: "The shift towards green transportation is incredibly significant as we witness the impacts of climate change on our environment. The partnership between Selex Motors and Gojek not only aids drivers in cost-efficient operations but also propels the advancement of emission-free transportation. Our objective is to make cities more environmentally friendly through an inventive electric motorbike ecosystem and highly efficient battery-swapping technology.”

Gojek users now have a chance to enjoy GoRide, GoFood, and GoSend services on emission-free Selex electric motorbikes without any change in price. To be able to book Gojek services, users can simply download the Gojek application, which is available on iOS and Android. — VNS

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