Dat Bike launches fastest electric bike charging station

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2022 08:09

A Weaver 200 at the Dat Charge station in HCM City. — Photo courtesy of Dat Bike

To elevate users’ experience and enhance utilities for electric vehicles, Dat Bike has launched Dat Charge - an ultra-fast charging station for Dat Bike electric bikes located at the Saigon Innovation Hub (SiHUB), 273 Dien Bien Phu, District 3, HCM City.

The Dat Charge charging station is equipped with two charging ports of different capacities, with a maximum current of 80A and 40A respectively.

The 80A charging port, compatible with the Weaver 200 series with an upgraded charging port, has a capacity of 10kW, allowing it to charge for a 100km trip in 20 minutes and 150km in 30 minutes. This is the highest electric bike charging speed in the country at present.

The 40A charging port allows for 150km on a single charge, equivalent to 75 per cent of the battery capacity, in 75 minutes.

Users of the standard Weaver 200 can use a 40A power adapter for this charging port.

To protect battery during fast charging at high current and to optimise charging time, Dat Bike’s fast charging stations at present allow for charging up to 75 per cent capacity.

Dat Charge’s launching is a milestone for the company’s technology development and perfection.

Realising that the Vietnamese market currently lacks a common standard for electric vehicle charging ports, Dat Bike hopes to become a pioneer in the research and application of standardised fast charging ports for all electric bikes in the future.

According to Nguyen Ba Canh Son, Dat Bike’s CEO, to overcome users' prejudices about electric vehicles, the most crucial factors are the vehicle's power, the distance travelled and the charging time.

The launch of the Weaver 200 has solved the problems of performance and range, as the new model has a maximum capacity of 6,000W, covering 200 km with a 3-hour full charge.

With the introduction of Dat Charge, Dat Bike has taken another impressive step toward shortening the charging time for electric bikes.

“We hope this new innovation will help promote the country’s transition to electric vehicles and contribute to the development of a green city,” Son said.

“In addition, Dat Bike will continue to build more fast charging stations in the future. Our goal is to have hundreds of fast charging stations along with our stores, and to establish a user-friendly ecosystem for the country’s electric cyclists.” — VNS

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