This is Ha Noi

Friday, Apr 13, 2018 10:20

Ha Noi is...

Ha Noi is a lot of things and we took to the streets to find out what makes this great city tick.

Is it the people? The atmosphere, the style, the passion, or is it something as simple as the food?

With a population of more than 7.5 million, Ha Noi is a melting pot of all things great about Asia.

So Viet Nam News decided to showcase our capital and tell the world exactly what Ha Noi is.

Our dedicated team spent the last week capturing the sights, sounds, colours and characters of Ha Noi to bring you our very special production.

Producer Paul Kennedy said: "To be honest jobs like this are pretty simple when you have a great team working with you and so much beauty and charm to record.

"It's a simple case of pressing red button on the camera and letting Ha Noi do all the work.

"It's alive. The city seems to run at 200 kilometres per hour yet there's an incredible calmness and serenity about the place." — VNS

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