Viettel sets new record with growth in Myanmar

Saturday, Sep 29, 2018 08:22

Mytel is expected to be profitable by the end of 2019. — VNS Photo

Mytel – Viettel’s brand in Myanmar – reached the milestone of three million customers three months after its launch, said Viettel Global, an arm of Viettel Group, on Friday.

Prior to launching Mytel, Viettel Global ambitiously set a target of reaching 2-3 million customers in 2018. Just one month after its launch, however, this target has been changed to four million customers in 2018 and Mytel is expected to be profitable by the end of 2019. Among Mytel’s more than four million active customers, more than 70 per cent are using 4G services. This is also the record of Viettel’s global markets.

According to the results from a survey on new mobile markets held in Myanmar, more than 90 per cent of respondents are most impressed with the Mytel operator. In addition, 94 per cent of respondents said they know that Mytel is the fourth operator in Myanmar and was from Viet Nam.

That the three million customer milestone was reached after three months of operation in Myanmar is thanks to the close co-operation, unification of the company’s objectives and development strategy between Viettel and Myanmar shareholders, said Nguyen Thanh Nam, General Director of Mytel. Moreover, this achievement is accompanied by the positive results originating from the provision of telecommunications product ecosystems for businesses.

After just one month of operation, Viettel signed contracts worth more than US$2.4 million with 30,000 mobile subscribers who are corporate customers. At this rate, Mytel is expected to reach 200,000 mobile subscribers from businesses by the end of 2018. This is also a record number because, as a newly-established telecommunications network, they often need to focus entirely on individual customers.

In Myanmar, Mytel is the only telecommunications company that can provide a complete package of mobile, fixed line, transmission line and IT services nationwide.

Among Viettel’s 10 international markets, Myanmar is the largest and highest-potential market in 2018 in terms of growth although in the beginning of operation, its planned losses would be big due to high cost and depreciation. — VNS

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