Viettel accelerates national digital transformation journey

Wednesday, Oct 11, 2023 15:25

The Viettel Money platform is one of 70 service products of the Viettel Group in Việt Nam. — Photo courtesy of the group

On October 10, in response to National Digital Transformation Day 2023, the Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel) said it will continue to promote activities to effectively exploit the advantages of technology and digital data, creating value to promote the development of Digital Government, Digital Economy and Digital Society.

Regarding Digital Government, with a focus on data and online public services, Viettel has participated in providing 53 essential public services by building applications to automate public administrative centres and public services without using paper documents. More than 7 million Viettel subscribers have standardised information, ensuring safety and protecting customer rights. Viettel has also deployed its Intelligent Operation Centre (IOC) for more than 30 provinces and cities, helping leaders at all levels make decisions based on real-time data and figures.

For ministries and branches, Viettel has successfully developed a Big Data model in the Vietnamese language and completed testing of virtual legal assistants to serve the court system. This is the only AI assistant in Việt Nam today that possesses a large and reliable legal knowledge database.

Regarding the digital economy, Viettel invested heavily in digital infrastructure, closely following the goal for Việt Nam to become a regional digital hub by 2030. Viettel Cloud currently owns the largest data center infrastructure in Việt Nam, including 13 Data Centres, with a scale of 9,000 racks. Viettel's digital ecosystem, with more than 70 service products, has spread from physical infrastructure level services, such as space rental, to service platforms, such as AI platforms and IoT platforms (internet of things).

Regarding Digital Society, Viettel successfully built a digital copy (Digital Twin) of one of the first virtual cities in Việt Nam, containing high technology content, such as IoT, Big Data, AI, GIS, Simulation, and Blockchain. Data from each project, house, and weather situation are updated from satellites daily.

Viettel also contributes to popularising cashless payments to nearly 25 million customers through its Viettel Money digital financial ecosystem. School management systems, online learning (K12Online), electronic health books, and social security programme management are also integrated into the national data platform, helping to improve the quality and convenience for people to access social services.

Helping people live and work more safely in digital space, Viettel provides a new generation security solution ecosystem, supporting early detection of risks and signs of fraud for organisations and businesses and communities and warning the community of targeted phishing attack campaigns and popular forms of counterfeiting. — VNS

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