Vietnamese wake-up alarm app available in iOS App Store

Wednesday, Jul 04, 2018 13:15

Alarmeow, a wake-up call application created by a group of young Vietnamese, is available in the iOS App Store. — VNS File Photo

Alarmeow, a wake-up call application created by a group of young Vietnamese is now available at the iOS App Store.

Nguyen Tran Tung, 27, of HCM City and his friends worked on the app for six months.

The app is ranked 16st in the lifestyle category among the most-downloaded mobile apps by users worldwide, receiving many “five star” ratings. It is offered in Vietnamese and English.

Users can download the app for free via the iOS app store.

Alarmeow is designed as a super-clever alarm clock to get you out of bed on time, and is suited for people who have trouble staying awake in the morning.

By default, the app’s alarm only stops ringing when users have played mini games such as finding a way out of a labyrinth or fast memory or by shaking the phone.

“This helps users stay awake by the time they try to disable the alarm,” Tung said.

After finishing the game, motivational quotes and inspirational sayings welcome the new day on the phone screen.

In addition, the app also provides notifications reminding users to go to bed from 10pm to midnight.

Tung said he is developing a new app for learning English, and is looking for investments and cooperation from young people who share his passion for making products for the community. — VNS

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