Vietnamese top region in streaming YouTube on TV

Saturday, Oct 30, 2021 13:29

Viet Nam has the largest number of people streaming YouTube on connected TVs in the Asia-Pacific region. — Photo courtesy YouTube

There was a growing trend of streaming YouTube on TVs in the Asia Pacific region with Viet Nam being the country with the fastest growth in connected TVs, a YouTube Brandcast Delivered 2021 event heard on October 28.

More than 25 million Vietnamese streamed YouTube on their connected TV screens in May, data from the streaming service showed.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed all activities like studying, working and entertainment amid the social distancing in the first three quarters of this year.

As more people stayed at home, they turned to YouTube for their communities, learning, entertainment, and other needs.

Some 45 per cent of internet users in Viet Nam own a smart TV or connected TV, and 28.2 per cent access the internet through a smart TV, and the number is expected to grow.

More than 90 per cent watch with family and friends, and 90 per cent of YouTube viewers say they pay more attention while watching with others.

In May 2021 the average view length on YouTube CTV was 90 per cent longer than on mobile and desktop.

Tram Nguyen, Google country director for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, said Youtube reached over 45 million people in Viet Nam aged 18 and above.

More than 950 YouTube channels in the country have over 1 million subscribers, an increase of over 35 per cent since last year.

The average person in Viet Nam watches over 70 minutes of YouTube per day, which shows how important video content is in daily life, she said.

YouTube Brandcast is the largest annual event for advertisers, agencies and content partners on the platform.

It brings together senior executives, brand managers, media planners, creators, and content partners from leading companies to share the latest information on market trends and solutions. — VNS

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