Vietnamese SMEs leveraging the trends in Home & Gardening on

Sunday, Sep 19, 2021 11:06

Home and gardening is one of the key categories on the platform that Vietnamese SMEs have effectively explored their potential. — Photo courtesy of the firm

While the pandemic distances communities physically, it also opens doors for small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs) to explore their potential with global opportunities via online exporting.

In Viet Nam, several SMEs have succeeded on, spanning across various industries.

The information was released in the “The Home & Gardening Industry Trends” report by revealing people are feeling more comfortable working from home.

Home and gardening is one of the key categories on the platform, and Vixemco and Veritas Vietnam (Veritas) are among the top-line brands due to their impressive performance.

Joining in early 2021, Vixemco has signed three big contracts totaling more than US$70,000 amid the new wave of COVID-19, to meet rocketing demands from the global market.

“We are very excited about our sales performance this year, especially during the pandemic," said Doan Thi Phuong Thuy, Founder of Vixemco.

"Thanks to, we are able to deliver the products that consumers need. is now the primary distribution channel of Vixemco, taking up 80 per cent of company revenue.

"Our plan is to invest more in human resources and international marketing plans on the platform. In the near future, we will develop more home decoration products from natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, banana fiber and corn to meet the trend of limiting plastic consumption from Western countries.”

Veritas Vietnam (Veritas) is a leading enterprise in eco-friendly, safe, and bioplastic products. Their strength is applying advanced technology to create products from bioplastic combined with Vietnamese coffee grounds, reducing dependence on fossil raw materials.

Since joining, their reputation has reached beyond the borders of Viet Nam, and the awareness of their products and technology is recording a stellar order rate increase of 300 per cent.

Despite the hardships that COVID-19 brings in, Veritas is still receiving a high volume of inquiries and orders worldwide via the platform.

Le Thanh, CEO of Veritas, shared about the company’s outstanding results on “It’s very impressive that is bringing in revenue for businesses even during the pandemic, and helping them expand their exposure beyond their home markets.

"Veritas has established solid partnerships globally in challenging markets such as the US, the EU and Japan. This is an achievement that we could not be able to achieve if we did not join" — VNS

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