Vietnamese customers prefer smartphones with 5-inch screens

Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014 15:17

The charts show the percentage of users in nine emerging countries choosing size screen of their next smartphones. — Photos taken from the survey of Jana
HA NOI (Biz Hub) — Twenty-five per cent of the Vietnamese customers want their next smartphone to have a 5-inch screen.

This has been revealed in a recent survey of 1,386 smartphone users in nine emerging markets including Viet Nam, India, Brazil and Indonesia, carried out by Jana, a mobile technology platform, from June 5 to 7.

About 18 per cent of the surveyed people are waiting to purchase smartphones with 4-inch and 5.5-inch screens, while only 8 per cent want mobile phones with 4.3-inch screens.

Most of Vietnamese smartphone users use an app to watch video content on their smartphones. With 86 per cent, Viet Nam tops surveyed emerging countries.

According to Jana, since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the average smartphone screen's size has increased 88 per cent in seven years, from 2.59 inches to 4.86 inches. "More than half of the respondents in every market surveyed (with the exception of Nigeria) expect their next smartphone to have a screen size of 5 inches or more. Large screen devices are popular among the respondents because of their suitability for video streaming and games," Jana writes on its blog.

The survey indicates that most users in emerging countries use smartphones for watching videos. In Viet Nam, 86 per cent say they use an app to watch video content on their smartphones, topping the surveyed nations. Mobile phone users in Brazil use mobile phones the least for watching videos, at 62 per cent.

Jana notes that global data traffic is projected to have a 10-fold growth in the next five years, with 50 per cent of the traffic expected to come from video apps by 2019. — VNS

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Xe cộ bị hư hỏng như vậy thì xương thịt con người chịu sao nổi?

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Nhìn là thấy rùng mình rồi. Chưa biết đúng sai nhưng mọi người nên cẩn thận khi đi ngoài đường.

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