Việt Nam focuses on development of 6G equipment

Saturday, Aug 26, 2023 10:11

Việt Nam is ready for 6G development. — Photo

The Ministry of Information and Communications has just established a team to develop 6G equipment with the participation of three telecommunications businesses Viettel, VNPT and MobiFone, as well as some agencies from the ministry.

The research team, led by Nguyễn Thiện Nghĩa, deputy director of the Authority of Information Technology and Communications Industry, will focus on reviewing the system of legal documents to promote the development, evaluate and test 6G equipment.

They will also propose regulations on management, assessment, inspection and testing of the equipment to promote the deployment of the 6G network.

6G is the next generation of networks after 5G, and that is attracting many countries and major technology companies in the world to invest in research and application.

In addition, the team will study international experiences on strategy for development, assessment, and testing of 6G equipment and have proposals on the development of 6G equipment in Việt Nam.

The group will also monitor the 6G equipment research and development in the world, such as equipment type, supportive band, price, and standardisation.

The team will attend international and domestic conferences and seminars related to 6G equipment development, assessment, inspection and testing; and have international cooperation in research and development of 6G technology and equipment.

Earlier, the Ministry of Information and Communications also established a steering committee to promote research and development of 6G mobile information technology. 

This committee focuses on researching and proposing strategies, mechanisms and policies to create a legal environment, and promote research and development on standards, application, information safety, production and commercialisation for 6G mobile communication devices and services in Việt Nam.

The committee also follows those activities of 6G research and development conducted by international organisations and advanced countries in the world.

Thereby, it proposes a roadmap for research, production and commercialisation of 6G equipment and services; and solutions to support Vietnamese enterprises in manufacturing and commercialising 6G equipment and services.

According to the ministry, there are five 5G equipment manufacturers in the world, and many countries in the world have begun researching 6G. Việt Nam is determined to keep abreast with the world in developing 6G.

Việt Nam is ready for 6G development when the ministry is developing standards for 6G. Many universities and research institutes also embark on 6G research. 

A representative of Viettel said that the company has embarked on researching the manufacture of 6G equipment and obtaining 6G patents. VNPT said it would focus on researching a 6G ecosystem. 

The 6G standard and commercialisation are expected to start in 2028, while commercialisation in mass manner can take place in 2030. Humans and machines will be the main subjects of 6G networks with advanced services, such as augmented reality, high-precision mobile holograms and digital replicas.

The researchers said that smart homes will be widely deployed when smart devices are able to be connected and controlled remotely. Intelligent traffic with control systems, autonomous vehicles, flying taxis can be deployed based on 6G network technology.

In the business report of the first six months of 2023, Viettel said that it has promoted to convert subscribers from 2G and 3G to 4G, increasing the number of 4G subscribers. It also tested 5G services in 55 provinces and cities.

Especially for the 5G project, this group said that it still ensures the set schedule on development this network. Viettel has been testing 5G services and evaluating quality of them. It expects to provide 5G services in mass manner from the third quarter of 2023.

Meanwhile, both VNPT and MobiFone in their business report for the first six months of the year as well as their plan for the last six months of 2023 have not mentioned 5G development activities, reported. — VNS

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