Viet Duc Hospital to go cashless

Thursday, Jun 18, 2020 14:49

Representatives of Viet Duc Hospital and MoMo e-wallet sign a strategic cooperation agreement to deploy cashless payments at the hospital in June. — Photo courtesy of Momo

Viet Duc Hospital and MoMo e-wallet have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to deploy cashless payments at the hospital in June.

According to MoMo, it will implement the technology to serve thousands of patients and their family members. Under the partnership, users of the e-wallet could pay for examinations and medication by scanning a QR code placed on the counters at the hospital.

Later, they will also be able to pay inpatient fees on the MoMo app. With the cashless payment system, patients can avoid long queues, cut waiting times and simplify procedures.

Associate Professor, Dr. Dong Van He, deputy director of Viet Duc Hospital, said: “Patients who come to the hospital are often very tired of paying in cash as sometimes they have to wait for hours. Carrying cash is neither convenient nor safe for sick people. Deploying cashless payment via the MoMo e-wallet is a way for the hospital to best serve patients."

Vice President and Co-Founder of MoMo Nguyen Ba Diep said: “The MoMo e-wallet has a strong focus on public administrative services, such as hospitals, schools and other public administration and tax-related services. The cooperation with the hospital will help patients and their family members have a simple and easy payment experience.”

As a leading centre for medical examination, treatment and research of the country, Viet Duc Hospital is always one of the most crowded hospitals in Ha Noi. Each year, the hospital conducts over 70,000 surgeries, mostly serious ones.

MoMo is now the e-wallet with the most users, including 20 million trusted users in 63 provinces and cities and more than 100,000 payment acceptance points.

Currently, the e-wallet has connected with over 20 hospitals and health facilities nationwide. The e-wallet will soon work with big public hospitals in Ha Noi such as Bach Mai Hospital; E Hospital, Central Lung Hospital; and the Central Eye Hospital. — VNS

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