US, Indian tech firms bring logistics route optimisation solutions to VN

Friday, May 22, 2020 09:39

KMS’s office in the US. — Photo courtesy of KMS Solutions

US technology consulting firm KMS Solutions has entered into a strategic partnership with Indian company Locus, a pioneer in deep-tech supply chain solutions, to introduce the latter’s smart logistics software to the Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian markets.

The technologies will enable enterprises in those countries to enhance efficiency, transparency and consistency in last-mile delivery and overall supply chain operations.

With built-in machine learning and proprietary algorithms, Locus’ route optimisation software recommends the most efficient routes for delivery, meaning routes that allow drivers to deliver the most items in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

KMS Solutions will provide consultancy and help instal a number of Locus’ software products such as Route Optimization, Real-time Tracking, Last-mile delivery, and Analytics.

All are hand-picked for its clients in Viet Nam, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Omnichannel retailing has led to a rise in demand for delivery services, which makes last-mile logistics a key area of investment for enterprises, especially those in retail, e-commerce and distribution.

However, offsetting last-mile delivery costs while satisfying demand for quick delivery remains a problem for most of them.

“To solve the last-mile delivery challenge, enterprises increasingly employ innovative logistics solutions such as route optimisation,” Seema Bhandari, partnership director at Locus, said. — VNS

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