Two new Viettel inventions granted exclusive protection certificate in the US

Thursday, May 26, 2022 15:18

The number of Viettel's inventions has been on the rise, covering both military and civil fields. — Photo courtesy of Viettel

Viettel Aerospace Institute (VTX), a member of Viettel Group, was officially granted an exclusive protection certificate by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for two works in the field of optoelectronics and materials industry.

'Spherical mirror optics for medium-wave thermal imaging equipment' was invented in 2017, solving the problem of self-study, designing and manufacturing camera cores, and minimising the dependence on imports from abroad.

Meanwhile, the invention of a 'method for making high-temperature synthetic materials' helps produce materials that can meet the harsh working conditions in the military field.

The number of Viettel's inventions has been on the rise, covering both military and civil fields, affirming its position as a technological pioneer. Viettel has been granted 56 patents in Viet Nam and 11 patents in the US by USPTO.

Patents protected exclusively in the US have demonstrated Viettel's autonomous capacity in the research and development of core technologies in high-tech production and manufacturing. The US is a leading country in the world in terms of technology. The US-issued patents are considered a valuable reference base in case it is necessary to register a patent in another country.

According to statistics from the National Office of Intellectual Property in 2021, Viettel has the highest number of patent applications and the number of patents granted annually in Viet Nam.

Recently, Viettel’s two projects in the military and defence fields were also awarded the HCM Prize - the highest award in science and technology. — VNS

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