The world's biggest gaming expo features Vietnamese NFT game Titan Hunters

Friday, Sep 23, 2022 12:04

Hundreds of gamers came to listen to the Titan Hunters talk show. — Photo courtesy of the Titan Hunters

The Tokyo Game Show featured the Vietnamese NFT game 'Titan Hunter', first released in November 2021.

In May, Titan Hunters was at the top of the trending search category on Twitter Japan. Titan Hunters has attracted 860,000 downloads and has 140,000 daily active users. In addition, DappRadar, the world's leading blockchain app rating website, has ranked Titan Hunters seventh in the gaming category, which is highly regarded in the GameFi market.

The Tokyo Game Show, held from September 15 to 18, was an opportunity for Titan Hunters to show themselves on the world stage. It connected international gamers with hands-on experience, participation rewards, and talk shows about the potential of blockchain technology in general and GameFi in particular.

Vu Duy Tiep, CEO of Titan Hunters, said that Japan is the "gateway" for the team to gradually bring Vietnamese games to the region and the world. Working with Rikkei Capital, a company with rich experience in the Japanese market, helps Titan Hunters accelerate to achieve this goal.

Rikkei Capital and Topebox helped develop Titan Hunters. Rikkei Capital is the technology startup incubator of Rikkeisoft, a Vietnamese software business with ten years of experience in Japan, and Topebox is the leading mobile game developer in Viet Nam.

Aside from applying blockchain technology in gaming, Rikkeisoft is gradually "mastering" this technology by providing services ranging from incubation to market development and strategic consulting for blockchain projects.

Phan The Dung, CEO of Rikkeisoft, believed that the orientations in this field help Rikkeisoft get closer to perfecting an ecosystem in which high technology plays an important role.

"The positive results from the application of blockchain in the gaming sector show the potential of this technology in many other industries," he said, adding that Rikkei Capital has successfully incubated and co-operated to develop many projects and products based on blockchain.

Endo Shinri, Representative of Tokyo Game Show 2022, shared that one of the opportunities for made-in-Vietnam NFT games to attract international attention is to apply blockchain technology, an area that does not have much competitiveness between Viet Nam and other countries. GameFi's appeal in the Asian market continues to spread globally due to its unique business models and revenue for the gaming industry.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 has been an annual game event since 1996, attracting thousands of leading game developers in Japan and the world. With a scale of nearly 150,000 gamers participating, this is an opportunity for game developers to introduce products and connect to the market. — VNS

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