Technological innovation vital for societal development

Thursday, Oct 21, 2021 14:04

Webinar “Technology and its Impact” organised by Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam (CanCham). — Photo courtesy of CanCham

Technological innovation and creativity would promote societal development, heard attendants at a webinar “Technology and its Influence” held by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam (CanCham).

During the workshop, the speakers also spoke about the opportunities that technology can open up for business and social activities.

Besides the constant development of innovations and technologies, environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards have become a set of standards for investors to evaluate their operations and the potential of a company.

However, what is the real impact? Where do technology and its impact meet? How does innovation go straight into ESG standards? Those are the questions and topics that experts and entrepreneurs from multinational corporations, companies, and start-ups from the Canadian Business Association in Viet Nam brought up for discussion in the "Technology and its Influence" conference.

During the seminar, experts went through the following topics including technology and its impact; innovation and its influence; application of blockchain technology; practical lessons and experiences from the success of businesses like Viamo and ASSIST in the Vietnamese market.

In addition to the speakers, there were also more than 25 international entrepreneurs and experts doing business and working in the Vietnamese market attending the webinar.

International experts at the seminar showed a whole picture of trends and ideas, as well as strategies for implementing innovation and technology application. All entrepreneurs and founders agree that Viet Nam is a very good environment to deploy innovative ideas.

“Vietnamese culture makes the people not only want to do things well, but also want to be great,” said Yann Rousselot-Paille, Director, Digital Innovation for Viet Nam and Cambodia Markets, KPMG Group.

The event also provided attendees with information about trends and potential applications of blockchain technology in the world generally, and in Viet Nam in particular, especially in digital transformation of activities for society and community, such as volunteer work.

“Blockchain can help manage and distribute funds securely, transparently, and to the right people in need. Thereby, it promotes a healthy and developing business environment, and contributes to the progress and sustainable development of society,” added Ronald Le, representing the Bholdus project.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam (CanCham) is a non-government, non-profit business association that supports companies and individuals doing business in Viet Nam. The goal of the organisation is to provide members with business support, education, and a social environment to exchange ideas, share and build experiences. — VNS

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