Sacombank Pay enables online identity verification, account opening

Saturday, Oct 24, 2020 06:45

Sacombank customers can now register their personal information online for identity verification (eKYC) and register to open an account on Sacombank Pay mobile application at any time and from anywhere without the need for their physical presence at the bank.

They need to log in to Sacombank Pay, select “Authenticate Now” in “Card and Account Management” and carry out “Online Authentication” by filling their personal information, sending a picture of their identity card or citizen identity card and show their face on the app so that it can compare them.

After completing the eKYC, customers can immediately get a Sacombank Pay account and make payments with a total transaction limit of VND100 million (US$4,310) per month.

They can also use many other features on Sacombank Pay such as money transfer and withdrawal and getting credit cards quickly upon successful authentication.

For the eKYC, Sacombank has used many sophisticated technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), optical character recognition (OCR), face retrieval, liveness detection (liveness check), face recognition, and fraud detection.

Sacombank Pay is a financial management app that is loaded with modern banking features and utilities to offer customers interesting digital banking experiences, including opening of accounts and credit cards.

The app is linked with domestic and international cards issued by all banks, meaning customers can manage cards and accounts, get consumer loans at preferential interest rates starting at 0.65 per cent per month, easily make deposits/transfers to any recipients through their accounts, cards, mobile number, or QR code, and make payments or withdraw cash by scanning the QR code.

In the app, they can shop on VnShop, buy Vietlott lottery tickets, book hotels, buy air/train/bus tickets, exchange gifts on Urbox, sign up for interest-free hire purchase agreements, and make bill payments and mobile top-ups, among others.

Customer information on Sacombank Pay will be safeguarded to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), one of the strictest globally in terms of confidential data protection.

Customers can download Sacombank Pay for free from the App Store or Google Play and register for the application account by their phone number. — VNS

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